PRAANA Provided Good Vibes to Colorscapes Volume Two

Melodic-house producers PRAANA provided soothing yet upbeat mixes for 'Colorscapes Volume Two'

PRAANA is a fascinating melodic house duo that produces music for all to chill out, especially after a very stressful day. PRAANA just collaborated with Dezza and Matt Fax on a unique album called Colorscapes Volume Two, released on October 2. The Colorscapes Volume Two compilation album contains 40 unreleased tracks from diverse producers that were then mixed by PRAANA, Dezza and Matt Fax.

PRAANA have established their name as a key act on the Colorize record label for the past year. Not only have PRAANA released magnificent singles via Colorize but they had also produced tracks on Lane 8’s imprint This Never Happened and saw their tracks go on rotation via Sirius XM. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with PRAANA, whose mix on the album is definitely one to check out.

Kenny Ngo: How was it like collaborating with Dezza and Matt Fax on Colorscapes Volume Two?

PRAANA: It was very exciting to collaborate with not only label mates but two great artists we consider friends on Colorscapes Volume Two. Dezza’s latest EP Getaway is wonderful and Matt’s latest album Progressions has been on repeat.

How was your production process on Colorscapes Volume Two like?

We first wanted to create a cohesive theme to the mix. In our opinion, the track selection greatly executed the mix,, as well as Ram Dass’s “Ocean of Loving Awareness” meditation. We added a lot of production on the transitions, elements you won’t hear when the tracks are released as singles. This is done in order to make the 100 minutes flow with ease. We also spent quite a bit of time on Samadhi, as well as reworking I AM with LEVV to create the perfect remix for Colorscapes Volume Two.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still going on, how did you guys, Dezza and Matt Fax work with each other given the current group meeting restrictions?

We were able to efficiently communicate via phone and internet! It worked out well. We get a lot done through those mediums.

In a quick summary for anyone who does not know much about your music, what is your musical style like in your words?

Deep Melodic Progressive House.

Earlier this year, you guys have guest-mixed on Above & Beyond’s “Group Therapy”. How was it like getting to work with the trance superstars?

It was an absolute honor. Those guys are legends and a huge inspiration to us. They’ve also crafted one of the best radio shows out there!

Did you have any favorite moments working with or talking to Above & Beyond?

We have had a few back-and-forths with Paavo through email. He is always so thoughtful in his communications.

Aside from releasing singles on Colorize, you guys had also released music content on Lane 8’s imprint This Never Happened and saw your tracks go on rotation on Sirius XM. What do you think about these achievements?

We’ve had a lot of good fortune this past year, we’ve also worked quite hard making sure to be prolific as possible with our release schedule. Daniel (Lane 8) is quite an influence for us so to be able to have releases with his label and family was very rad. The exposure to that many more fans via TNH and Sirius XM is also something we’re very grateful for.

Your 21-track mix on Colorscapes Volume Two was woven together by the words of American spiritualist Ram Dass. Are there any teachings of Ram Dass that you would like to share with the readers?

One of Ram Dass’s main pieces of guidance was from his guru Neem Karoli Baba, it was simple yet life-changing…”Love everyone, serve everyone, remember God and tell the truth”.

If COVID-19 declines or dies down, what do you plan to do for 2021?

We would love to have a live experience.

What is the first thing that you guys would do if the news one day announced, “It’s official, COVID-19 is over”?

We haven’t taken any steps back in terms of creating and releasing during this time, the only change would be being able to plan out a live experience, working with a team to look into touring and getting out there!

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