Rob Tirea: Deep House DJ Who Can Blend Genres with Ease

LA-based Rob Tirea has an amazing ability to merge genres in his music

Rob Tirea is a deep house DJ from Los Angeles who launched his career in 2018. He has a unique ability in easily blending other genres with deep house, notably alternative rock and indie pop. One of them being his latest release “The Storm Front and The Sea”, which came out on May 22, 2020. “The Storm Front and The Sea” is another great example of Rob Tirea being a talented genre-merging producer. He provided pitch-bending vocals and they flowed alongside wavering deep house basslines and dynamic rhythm in the track. The track shows that Rob Tirea is a dedicated producer who is passionate about enhancing originality of his deep house craft. Earlier this year, he released “Insecure”, a collaborative single with Australian vocalist Jeremy Beamish.

Rob Tirea signed onto independent electronic music record label 2-Dutch after launching his career. He later dropped “Imagine”, which played throughout festival season following its premiere on Nicky Romero‘s Protocol Radio. His 2019 collaborative track “Blue” with Revelries and Kayrae gained 4 million Spotify streams in less than a year after its initial release. Rob Tirea also has top dance music stars supporting him such as Brooks, Hardwell and Morgan Page. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Rob Tirea, a deep house DJ who many people will look forward to hear more from in 2020 and beyond. Readers can download and stream “The Storm Front and The Sea” right here, out now via TGR Music. Also, he will release an EP later this summer

Kenny Ngo: How are you doing right now?

Rob Tirea: I’m doing well, thanks! Just working on a lot of music. Obviously, we’re still stuck indoors and nothing’s really open yet so I’ve really been trying to use this time productively to work on new music. Looking forward to what’s going to come out of this. 

Have you tried anything new or went anywhere you’ve never been to in Los Angeles during this pandemic?

Honestly not really, I’ve been stuck in my studio mostly, which is not the worst thing that could happen really. Once travel starts to open up again though, I really want to travel more. I think we really take for granted our ability to travel. Now it’s been stripped away from us due to the global pandemic, we’re going to appreciate it that much more.

What were your plans like before the pandemic began?

I was originally planning to put out my upcoming EP in mid-summer and still am, so in terms of music releases plans haven’t changed much. I was planning to play a couple shows which are obviously going to get delayed. No one really knows when the live music scene will resume so I guess that’s the biggest plan that has changed since the pandemic.

Before you launched your music career in 2018, what was your prior occupation?

Before launching my music career, I was a student in college, which doesn’t exactly count as an occupation but that’s what filled my time. I also used to play ice hockey, I actually started at around the age of 5 and carried on throughout college. I really started to get into electronic music around 2013/14.

How was it like working on your latest single “The Storm Front and The Sea”?

It was great, I’m really happy with how it came out. The single really encompasses a lot of the influences from my childhood days that I wanted to use in my productions and mixes them in an electronic and house music setting, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now, so I’m glad it turned out the way it did.

How is that single different from “Insecure”, which you released earlier this year alongside Australian vocalist Jeremy Beamish?

On ‘The Storm Front and The Sea’, I sing on the track so the production process was obviously quite different. There was less back and forth and the decisions are all solely being made by me. There’s of course no collaborative aspect to it and there’s pros and cons to that. The most important thing is that it’s my voice and my production and I think the single really marks the start of a new direction and sonic identity for my music.

Aside from singing and being a DJ, you also can play bass, piano, and drums. What is your favorite instrument to play?

I also play guitar too! I’d probably say piano. It is such a beautiful instrument and so much of my writing stems from either that or the guitar, so I’d say piano and guitar are my favourite. Both are used heavily in music that I grew up with, bands like U2, the Editors, Coldplay. I think in terms of bringing out the emotion that I want to see in my dance music productions, they’re really important instruments to use, so I’m glad I learnt them at such a young age.

What should everyone expect from your upcoming EP?

You can expect influences from indie pop, alternative rock, house music all confused together. There are a few songs with my voice on them and some featured singers as well. I think the EP really encompasses my sound and it’s probably the most cohesive body of work I’ve put out. I’m really happy I was able to achieve that and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Do you have upcoming plans in the second half of 2020 and maybe 2021 when everything gets better again?

I would like to start touring a little bit and playing some more shows, maybe even get on a support slot for someone and really start touring the country, perhaps even outside the country. So, we’ll see. I think everything will be gradual and a build-up so I just have to take it step by step.

Do you have any words to say to everyone during this tumultuous time in our society?

I think we all really take for granted the privileges we have and all the good things in our lives when it’s the norm, but when something like a global pandemic happens and we’re stripped away from a lot of the things we love, we really start to see how important those things are. So, I think if we can kind of maintain that perspective all the time, even after the pandemic is resolved then I think we can all become better people and really learn to love one another and cherish the moments. I’d say that a shift in perspective is what everyone really needed.

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