Ryan Crane Gives Exclusive Insider Information on ‘Neon Tape’

One EDM: Hey Ryan, great to hear from you! How are you doing?

Ryan Crane: Hey! I’m doing great, hope all is well your way!

Where did you find the inspiration for ‘Neon Tape’?

Haha, so many layers to unpack and great question. The title of the project, ‘Neon Tape’, came from a few different things, one of which was a play on a favorite artist’s demo tape called ‘Neon Telephone’. I released a track from my previous project called ‘NEON’ off my album ‘HAZE’ back in 2019 and ended up with that title over time. One of the other pieces would be intermittent looking back at how music and the sharing of music has changed and evolved over the years. I think some of that nostalgia, not only for medium but what I was listening to at various times helped influence some of the decision-making in terms of the music for the project.

How would you compare ‘Neon Tape’ to some of your other releases?

Same, same but different HAHA! This is obviously a turn back to House Music which I love very much, and the music on Neon Tape came from sessions where I was absolutely 100% excited about making House Music. Over the last three or four years, exploring other genres and sonic landscapes I found the inspiration to make Neon Tape. That inspiration was paired with the experiences of my previous work and here we are.

What is your favourite track on the EP?

HAHA!! I’m going to go ahead and go with all of them. I learned so much working on this project and each one of these pieces of music have helped me move forward.

What plugins did you mainly use for this EP?

This is not going to be a very exciting answer, but as far as most used plugs, those core DAW plugins like EQ and Compression get used all over the sessions. I would guess that the Ableton Utility plugin is the most used across my Ableton sessions. I would add though that there are very exciting things happening with plugins in 2021 and moving into 2022 I think we are going to experience some mind bending new experiences with smart plugins. 

Some of the songs on the ‘Neon Tape’ EP are so unique in terms of their sound, where do you draw your influences from?

Everywhere. New music, older music, the poster at the movie theater you just got to go to after a year of not being able to go to the movies. The car you saw on the way to that theater. The lighting on the highway as rain pours down on that vehicle passing you on the way. It’s textures and colors and vibe. It’s the memory of a moment passed, or a moment that hasn’t happened yet. It’s a sonic gesture drawing, capturing moments and assembling those gestures into a final work.

Who would you love to see supporting this release?

Good question, I have had some lovely emails and social messages about this release, and to those folks if you’re reading this, thank you so much! That’s love.

What techniques do you use to keep your creative spirit alive?

Having multiple creative outlets is helpful for me. If writing or music arrangement isn’t working then I’ll check down to sound design or printing random sounds appropriate to the session. If the energy isn’t there then turning to painting on canvas or Photoshop work. I interchange these so I can be as productive as possible. Time blocking and giving myself deadlines is helpful as well. If it’s not working, I walk away and try to find another stream to tap into.

How has your musical style developed over the past year?

I am fascinated by the technical engineering aspects of music production and equally fascinated by story telling and the use of music to tell that story. There are so many contributing factors to growth and development in the arts and particularly music. Each project equips an artist with new tools and ideas, they then carry forward to the next works. I know that’s not exactly an answer to the question, but I think my style will continue to evolve to fit the story.

Can you let us into an exclusive for any projects you have coming up soon?

HAHA! I’ll leave with this, stay tuned!

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