Saint Punk Discusses “Light ‘Em Up” in Exclusive Interview

Continuing to pioneer grunge house, Saint Punk delivers another banger.

After an incredible year releasing track after track, Saint Punk returns with his newest song “Light ‘Em Up” on the Thrive Music imprint.

Saint Punk concocts a dangerous beat that builds into a stormy drop topped with a unique blend of sounds, including samples of animals. “Light ‘Em Up” stomps forward with menacing drums powered by complementing fiery vocals. The song exists as a culmination of the producer’s command of the grunge house genre.

Saint Punk is a Los Angeles native producer who originally began his musical career in rock before transitioning to the world of electronic dance music. Additionally, his talents expand beyond producing as a multitalented artist with experience in graphic design, photography, and video. With the release of “Light ‘Em Up,” we interview Saint Punk and the process behind the track along with additional details regarding his other projects and creative pursuits.

Stream “Light ‘Em Up” on Thrive Music, listen to it above, or continue below for the interview with Saint Punk.

Interviewing Saint Punk

Jillian Nguyen: How have you been doing during quarantine? 

Saint Punk: I’ve had my good days and my bad days, making the most of what is becoming the new normal. Luckily my studio is in my home, so I have been making tons of music.

How did you make the transition from rock music to EDM?

I was doing all of the rough demos for the band which is how I really got started producing. Once we went our separate ways, I wanted to continue on my own, and really got into the electronic music world.

What is your vision for the Graffiti Records label?

Continue to grow the grunge house sound and give rising producers the platform to have their music heard and marketed properly.

With your Band Practice YouTube series, fans have gotten to take a look at part of your creative process for music. Can you speak a little bit about your creative process for the visual aspects of your projects?

I knew when I started the project that the visual aesthetic would play a big role. I’ve been in the design world for a long time, and this style has always been the backbone of what I’ve done. I love raw textures and old, fucked up film. It lends itself well to everything I’m doing.

How would you say your music has evolved over time, especially over the course of this year as you’ve had quite a few and impressive releases?

Well, over the course of the year, you’ve definitely heard a lot of my emotion and frustration with the current state of the country and world in my music. I always strive to beat the last song I made. I try to continuously push myself. It’s hard to say right now how it’s evolved, I’m still in the middle of growing my sound, but ask me in a year.

What was your inspiration for this latest track, particularly with the idea of incorporating animal sounds?

With this record, I wanted to play with new samples and rhythms a little bit more. I wanted to create a drop that felt more dynamic and rhythmically different than some of my others. Using samples of animals, like a crow and an elephant, that make up some of the sounds in the drop feels interesting and organic. That’s what I’m all about.

A lot of your songs have had messages behind them, for example, “It’s Alright (Not),” “Molotov Cocktail,” and “Fight.” Is there a message you wanted to convey with “Light ‘Em Up?” 

No real direct message on this one, but the energy and frustration of “Light ‘Em Up” is definitely around the same as the others. I’ve spent this year making music that tries to capture the essence of our changing world, providing a soundtrack to the undeniably revolutionary times of 2020. 

Do you have any upcoming releases or projects we should keep an eye out for?

I have an official remix coming out the top of December, and then a lot of new music coming out in 2021. Keep an eye out for more information on my first album.

Do you have any last comments you would like to share with our readers?

With how crazy this year has been, it’s hard to see through the shit, but every experience is an opportunity to learn. I hope we can all find something that we learned about ourselves and each other in 2020.

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