Samuele Sartini Talks About Latest Track Release “Medicine”

The energetic house banger that is "Medicine" came out on June 25, 2021.

Samuele Sartini is a very successful Italian DJ/producer in the international electronic dance music scene. His name became known worldwide when he and Amanda Wilson created the 2010 project, “Love You Seek”. The project then led to the late EDM icon Avicii picking the vocals from it to create the legendary smash-hit, “Seek Bromance”.

Two months ago, Samuele Sartini reunites with Amanda Wilson to release his latest track, “Medicine”. Also collaborating alongside compatriot Fedo Mora, “Medicine” combines Wilson’s mesmerizing vocals with Sartini and Mora’s music production talents. “Medicine” is a house track that will ensure the end of summer will end in perfection no matter where one listens to the track in. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Samuele Sartini as he discusses “Medicine”, working with Sirup Music again, and the Italian football (soccer) national team’s success in the recent European Championship. Click on this link to download and stream “Medicine”.

Kenny Ngo: How is your summer so far?

Samuele Sartini: Not bad but I am really impatient to return to my true life!

Have you been paying attention to the European Championship? If so, what do you think of Italy’s amazing performances in the tournament?

Yes, I paid a lot of attention to the European Championship. I believe that once again the strongest team won, the most united locker room and with the most desire to win won. It really was an amazing journey for our dear Italy team!

Onto the music, you recently released your latest track, “Medicine”, featuring Amanda Wilson. Is there a background behind the track?

I have always loved “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” by Kylie Minogue and I started from the idea that after 20 years I would loved to write a song with that kind of atmosphere.

How was it like collaborating with your compatriot Fedo Mora and also with Amanda Wilson herself to produce this vibrant track?

It was very simple. When you have the opportunity of working with good artists like Federico and Amanda, everything becomes natural and fun! I had already worked with Amanda Wilson ten years ago in realising the international hit “Seek Bromance” with Avicii (Vocals from Samuele Sartini & Amanda Wilson “Love U Seek”).

For someone who may listen to the track for the first time, which sounds in the track should people look out for when listening to it?

The 90’s organ is the real protagonist of this song as well as the beautiful voice of Amanda Wilson.

How does it feel to be working with Sirup Music again?

As always, it’s a real pleasure to collaborate with a real professionals team and very strong on the International Dance scene.

Now that COVID-19 is gradually subsiding throughout Europe, have you performed at any notable shows and/or music festivals?

Yes, I am a regular guest at Villa Delle Rose every Friday night. The Villa is one of the most important summer clubs here in Italy.

Do you have any plans to perform in the United States as well?

Unfortunately not yet! I hope really soon.

2021 will end in four more months, what do you want to see happen by the end of this year?

Like many of you, I really wish the COVID-19 issue was closed and I could go back to my real life.

Out of the Serie A clubs in next season’s Champions League, which club do you want to see win the tournament? Internazionale, AC Milan, Atalanta, or Juventus?

The one and only, AC Milan.

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