Second Floor: Rising Star Producers from Austria

Second Floor consist of two young DJs who are striving to become electronic music's next top duo

Second Floor are an up-and-coming electronic music producer duo from Austria who formed their partnership within the last year. Consisting of Alex Dollischal and Greg Wallner, Second Floor have been producing music for the past eight years before deciding to join forces with each other. Second Floor released their debut single “Pier No. 26” in April and they recently dropped their latest single “Storm” on July 3rd.

“Storm” has magnificient vocals which accompanied the duo’s energetic four-to-the-floor production elements and curious streamers can listen to the track now. The track has a fun, free-flowing melody that aligns with a catchy beat, which enhanced the tune with passionate lyrics. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Second Floor, the young Austrian artists who also have an Amazon Prime series called Second Floor Rumour – Diaries.

What was the production process of “Storm” like?

Alex Dollischal: It was quite a journey. We’ve been working on this track for more than a year, in 3 different countries. It took ages until it felt right, but now it does. Right, Greg?

Greg Wallner: Absolutely. The hardest part is making a song easy to remember through simple lines and no overload. I think it turned out quite well!

How did you come up with “Storm”?

Alex: The idea was basically that we’d like to try out having a female voice within one of our tracks. That time we wrote it, we’re trying to do a song like “This Feeling” from The Chainsmokers.

Greg: It always starts out with a tune in your head and a fiddle in your hand.

How does the track make you guys feel?

Alex: It’s all about this feeling of being caught up in between and having to choose if you rather like to be saved from the storm or literally be part of it. I think everybody knows this feeling at some point and that’s also where we started off writing the lyric.

Greg: We always try to paint a picture that basically visualizes an emotion. When I listen to the track it grabs me and puts me right in the spot of being caught up and the unlimited problems of choice.

The first track that you released in 2020 was “Pier No. 26”. What is the track about?

Alex: It’s a pretty straight summer song, describing the feeling of falling for someone and actually letting it happen.

Greg:  Hell yeah – straight-up summer banger. When I hear it I can smell Cabrillo Highway. Pure happiness.

Are there any significant differences between “Pier No. 26” and “Storm”?

Alex: Of course, mainly it’s the genre. With every track we’re trying to move a little bit closer to traditional radio 101 pop. The stories we tell are always about human feelings that are actually real and matter.

Greg: First time with a female vocalist. Majorly challenging to find the perfect fit – but so worth it.

Are you guys creating any more new tracks this year?

Alex: We have a bunch of songs left in the pipeline, we’re just figuring out with one to release next.

Greg: Of course!

You guys also have your own series on Amazon Prime titled Second Floor Rumour – Diaries. What do you guys like about the series?

Alex: We like that it really reflects both our story and our characters. We’re not trying to hide failure, stupidity, or anything that could “damage” our image as super cool pop-musicians. We’ll keep it real out there and show the people our journey.

Greg: We are trying to show raw footage of guys doing what they love. As Alex said no filters or cleaning when it comes to making mistakes on the journey.

What were your favorite memories on Second Floor Rumour – Diaries?

Alex: Basically the time with the crew, long days, short nights, a lot of work, but it’s still magical creating something for yourself with your best friends.

Greg: Definitely USA – we had so much fun!

The show is currently in its second season. Will there be a third season coming up soon?

Alex: A third season is definitely on the table, we’re still planning and preparing for it. But things will be different this time.

Greg: Oh yeah! As we progress as artists, so does our show. I really hope we can start with the third season as soon as possible. There is so much Alex and I do every day that we want to share.

If the pandemic ended today, where do you guys want to travel to the most?

Alex: L.A. and the West Coast – in a muscle car.

Greg: That one’s easy – Pismo Beach.

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