Serena Rigacci Discusses Her Favourites in Quickfire Interview

Continuing to carve her own lane in the industry, Italian pop-star Serena Rigacci has really stepped out with some of her latest releases like ‘Take a Ride’. She is currently under works with the imprint ‘Hit Songs Group’, who are tasked with providing deep expertise across a range of creative services and the most innovative technologies for songwriters, artists, and copyright holders, and Serena’s latest hit fits in well amongst the impressive roster of clients currently residing on the label. 

Favourite vocalist? 

I don’t have a favorite one, I love many different types of music genres and so many vocalists too. 

Best singer of all time? 

The same answer as the first question, I can’t really tell, there are so many crazily talented singers and performers and I love them in different ways. 

Favourite venue? 

Anywhere with the people I love the most. 

Worst habit? 

Probably being too stubborn and too much of a perfectionist. 

Biggest career achievement? 

Getting responses from the hard work I’ve made, particularly when I’ve got 2nd classified in Xfactor Hu, my latest song, and learning what does it mean to be a “real singer” and not just “someone who likes to sing”. 

The best advice you’ve ever received? 

“Remember to be happy and don’t give a f about other people’s opinions. Above all when you are on stage. Be free and be contagious about it.” 

Favourite genre of music? 

Ahhh, I love too many genres! Hip hop, rap, trap, rock, hard rock, classical music, r&b, etc. 

Biggest inspiration? 

To be the biggest inspiration of others and to achieve all my goals and dreams. 

Favourite food? 

Pizza, sushi, and almost any spicy food (tteokbokki is an example) 

Dream collaboration? 

I think that something with Red Hot Chili Peppers could be out of mind. 

There are too many artists and performers I’d love to collab with! 

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