Shogun: Four-Time DJ Mag Top 100 Contender

Shogun, one of the top Asian-American DJs, just released his newest track "F*ck Up The Party" via Sony Music

Shogun is a prominent trance DJ who has embarked on grand world tours, performed at some of the most popular music festivals, and entered DJ Mag’s Top 100 list four times. Born as Andrew Chen, Shogun has produced music for multiple Grammy-nominated and winning acts and many of his tracks have landed on the Beatport and iTunes Top 10 charts. Additionally, Shogun is also the first Taiwanese-American DJ to sign onto one of the world’s best record labels, Armada Music. Furthermore, he is also signed onto Blackhole, Sony, Universal, and CMC Music.

He has also received two nominations for “World’s Best Electronic Dance Music Artist” at the World Music Awards. Today on July 17, Shogun released his latest track “F*ck Up The Party” via Sony Music. Now available on all streaming platforms, “F*ck Up The Party” has sultry vocals, contemplative piano chords, and an infectious atmospheric beat. One EDM caught up with Shogun, an exciting trance producer who continues to succeed every year in the EDM world.

Ever since the pandemic began, how have you been doing?

It has been a crazy year. I’ve been keeping myself busy with music, lots of Netflix and video games!

Did you take up any new hobbies in the past few months?

I brushed up on my cooking game, learned a bunch of new recipes, picked up tennis again, and tried to learn a new language. We will see how it goes.

Before the pandemic affected the United States on a great scale, what was the last show and the last festival that you performed at?

I played a tour in Asia at the beginning of the pandemic, so I was fortunate to make it back home to California before the global lockdown kicked off. The last festival I played was “World Countdown” in Seoul, and my last club shows were in Taiwan and Singapore.

Did you have any memorable moments from those performances?

“World Countdown” was a blast, but it was freezing! The venue was designed as a spaceship, which I thought was really cool. Taipei was definitely memorable because I have family there, and they all came out to watch me DJ.

How did it feel returning to Amsterdam-based record label Serendipity Muzik when you released “Time For Us” back in May?

It was great and felt really natural. I have been releasing on Amsterdam-based labels for nearly eight-nine years now, and they seem to know what good music from the inside out. Serendipty Muzik is a great label and I love working with them because they have such a good management team. When I finished producing “Time For Us”, I knew that it would be a perfect fit for them, and they seemed to think so too.

You also recently released your remix of the classic Super Mario Bros anthem? Did you have any favorite memories playing any of the Super Mario games?

I think it’s undoubtedly one of the greatest video game theme songs of all time and I felt compelled to do a cool remix of it. I remember playing my very first Mario Brothers game on Nintendo and instantly becoming totally addicted to it. In fact, I would even pretend to be sick so that I could skip school and play it. Then Super Mario Brothers on Super Nintendo came out it was in a completely different league. Mario being able to fly with the cape feather power up – that was next level stuff.

The remix is available exclusively via Bandcamp for $1. Additionally, all proceeds will go directly to the CDC Foundation to help frontline workers who are combatting COVID-19. What are thoughts on the current worldwide pandemic right now?

I feel like in order for the world to go back to normal, everyone has to be on the same page and work together. We are too divided at the moment, and just need to buckle down and beat this virus together. A lot of countries have stopped it from peaking but in the US, we are still struggling with it so I hope people can really chill out instead of accidently spreading it, which will make it worse.

Tell us about your latest track, “F*ck Up The Party”, out now on Sony Music. It’s definitely different from your past productions – how did it come to be?

I wanted to do something totally different with “F*ck Up The Party”. It’s an electropop song with more crossover potential with a bit of moombahton elements in it as well. The song is about being in a toxic relationship and not wanting the significant other to move on. You know what’s best for you, but the feelings are too deeply invested already, and you can’t live with or without that person. I think a lot of people have been in that situation so they can resonate. Also, I like to produce a variety of genres because it keeps my creative inspiration flowing.

What are your plans for the rest of the summer? Any other fun releases coming up?

I think I am just going to lay low and work on as much music as I can for the rest of the summer. Just preparing my arsenal for when everything starts back up again. I have three more singles coming out on Sony which I’m stoked about – “Walls”, “Into The Night ft. Dean Chalmers”, and “Lalaland”, so keep a look out for those!

If the pandemic officially ends today in the U.S., where do you want to travel first?

Tokyo and then Ibiza.

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