Soda: Soho Music Co-Founder From Hamburg to the World

Soda is the co-founder of Soho Music, an independent record label that produces outstanding electronic music

Soda is a music producer from Hamburg, Germany with Russian roots. Soda chose to pursue the career independently and is the co-founder of the record label Soho Music. He started officially releasing his highly acclaimed singles in 2020, finding common ground in bass-heavy house tunes with his own and unique style.  

Soon after, his first release “Pullin Up” was noticed by major radio channels such as KISS FM and Radio Record. This tune gained more than 1 Million streams on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. within three months. Additionally, this single made it to “Top 50 Shazam” in Russia, Ukraine, and Egypt, the official Spotify “Top 50 South Africa Viral Charts”, the “Top 10 Global and Russian Charts on Yandex Music”, and “Top 10 iTunes Charts” in Russia and Ukraine.   

After this, he kept releasing tracks, which received widespread DJ support and are performing really well on streaming platforms. Continuous chart success and a rapidly growing fanbase is the result of his frequent and qualitative releases. In 2021 you can expect a lot of new music, big collaborations, and great performances, especially from Soda and the rest of Soho Music.  

“I’d describe it as the music you can feel, with a strong and hard drop. That’s where my focus is when making music.”

Soho Music co-founder Soda

Interview Q&A’s

Alessia Toscano: What is your creative process like?  

Soda: “Mostly I start with a vibe I feel, laying down a bassline or chords which fit the vibe and work on this small part until I like the outcome. After that, I arrange the song and add different types of effects to it (I really love a pitched-down voice and strong kicks). When the first version is done, I listen to it as much as possible to see if I catch the idea of the song or just zone out while listening. Finally, I repeat this step until I like every part of my song.”  

What is one message you would give to your fans?  

“I’m glad to have such an amazing fanbase and thankful for every person who supports me on my musical journey.”


Who would you most like to collaborate with in the future?   

“I would love to make a song with the Russian rapper “Doni”, his deep voice would perfectly fit into my music style.”

What are your inspirations when producing?  

“Mostly I try to express my feelings, for example when I made the beat for “Pullin Up” I was working at a terrible job, so I put all the frustration and anger into its beat.”

How are you coping with stress during the pandemic? And how do you manage shifting priorities or changing deadlines? 

“To me, the pandemic did not change a lot of my lifestyle, I’m more of a stay-at-home person so I barely notice what is happening outside of my Laptop.

I try to be adaptive as much as possible, so I won’t get run over by any situation, and working under pressure brings out the best of me so close deadlines are somewhat useful. “

Any new projects in the making? 

“Yes! On the 12th of February, my first song in Russian will be available featuring a long term friend who’s starting his music career with this one. 

Also, there will be a song that is almost ready featuring a former Eurovision Song contest singer. I’m super excited for both.”

Do you believe you add aspects of German and Russian styles to your songs? What makes them unique? 

“In some ways yes. The German way of work makes my music a bit more structured and the Russian style adds a melodic flavor to a rustical song since I grew up with all of the old Russian pop songs my parents listened to. 

A unique part of my music is, that it’s basically just a way of myself to express what I feel, so every song contains a part of me.”

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