Sophiegrophy Discusses Recent EP and Musical Influences

Sophiegrophy is an Australia-based artist who has a music style that is a vibrant mix of hip-hop and EDM

Sophiegrophy is an exciting Nigerian-born, New Zealand-raised artist who perfectly blends bold, confident hip-hop vocals with the omnipresent, energetic beats of EDM. Now based in Australia, Sophiegrophy has risen quickly through the ranks of the Australian hip-hop scene with appearances on Spotify’s key playlists, “Starting Point” and “A1 Live”. In fact, due to her increasing popularity and unique talent, she has developed a significant fanbase in the U.S. as well.

Sophiegrophy released her most-recent EP, BOLD, on May 22, 2020. A notable track from BOLD titled “Shake” has great rhythms that will have everyone shake their bodies from beginning to end. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Sophiegrophy, the rising artist who also recently provided her vocals for Noy’s “Too Busy“, which came out last month.

Kenny Ngo: In your opinion, what does combining hip-hop with EDM feel like?

Sophiegrophy: Oh man, it feels like two worlds that are meant to intertwine. The vocals from hip-hop merging with the bass and electronic feel of EDM really makes the track incredibly unique.

What was your life like before you released your debut EP, Purpularity?

Before Purpularity, my life in relations to music was all about me finding my sound & my voice. I was searching for the right tone I wanted to laminate & use constantly & also what direction I wanted to go as an artist. Thats why I always state how Purpularity was really the beginning of my career in regards to really discovering my voice & myself as an artist, as they say you l, only you can figure out how great you as person & that’s when I figured out my true talent.

After the success of Purpularity, how did you feel knowing that you have become an up-and-coming artist in the New Wave Hip-Hop scene and Underground club culture?

It was an amazing feeling because I really worked hard on Purpularity and honestly, I wasn’t really expecting it to go as far as it did. I created it for the people who knew me & my music so I wanted to showcase myself. So when I saw that I reached more people than I initially thought it was an amazing feeling because it really help me a lot & exposed me to many other opportunities.

How was it like working with prominent house music stars Walker and Royce on “My Own Thang” and J. Worra and Codes on “Bounce Back”?

Definitely an experience that’s never going to be forgotten. You know Walker & Royce were the first people that introduced me into the EDM world. I never even knew my sound was going to be compatible until they sent me the best for My Own Thang and ever since then, it’s been history. Bounce back is such a killer track, I am just so blessed to have done tracks with these amazing people.

You relased your latest EP, Bold, on May 22, 2020. What are the notable differences between your music style on Purpularity and your musical style on Bold?

The notable differences is definitely the sounds. Purpularity was more about my voice & it was mostly on the hip hop side whilst Bold is all about exploring the genres that I love & expressing my creativity.

One track that stood out on Bold was the pulse-pounding banger, “Shake”. When music festivals and concerts start up again, how do you think the crowds will react once you start playing the track?

Mannn!!! I can’t wait for everything to be over so I can play the tracks from my EP, especially “Shake”. I know it’s going to be the crowd’s favourite because the beat slaps hard and the track overall has the festival vibes.

You were born in Nigeria, grew up in New Zealand, and are currently based in Australia. How does it feel merging the cultures of those three countries into your personal life and even music career?

It has helped a lot because when it comes to music life experience & experiences in general really helps with writing. I am able to draw inspirations from all three cultures. That is why a lot of my songs have many references from Nigeria, New Zealand and Australia if you can catch them.

Did you schedule any plans or tours before COVID-19 happened?

OH YESS!! We had dates set for a tour because of the debut release of my EP. We had a lot of plans that I was excited about.

Where do you want to travel first if everything gets better again?

Honestly America, UK or Nigeria.

Do you have any words for everyone during this tumultuous time in world history?

Hang in there, don’t give up. Although it may seem as though things aren’t going to get better anytime soon however just know that it will eventually. To all the independent business owners, keep preserving. It is a stressful time but don’t stress yourself out, just keep thinking forward.

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