Behind The Scenes of “White Strobe” with The Lords

The Lords consist of Romaan and Tony Cortez, two producers who have been bringing their French flavor of House to events all over London.  Both have been DJing as solo artists for the last 15 years and have joined forces to create stunning tunes and perform high-energy sets. Also, the boys have been on quite the journey from rocky beginnings to now becoming inseparable and finding their groove. Furthermore, we caught up with The Lords to discuss their debut single “White Strobe”.

Tell us a bit more about your latest single release “White Strobe”?

White strobe is our brand new track; it’s a remix of Black Strobe from Italian Fireflies (out in 2002). Back in the days, we were playing Black Strobe on vinyl and loved it so much. That was such an underground track for us.

Which of your influences can we hear in this track?

We used to play this record years ago and thought that it will be nice to give our own interpretation of it. We put a strong baseline to give a “warmer” effect. The influences are definitely House and Tech House.

How long did the process take to create “White Strobe”?

The main idea was born in couples of hours and the project was finished in less than a week.

What is it like now working as The Lords: a duo rather than two solo artists?

It a lot of fun, it’s more problems and too many ideas that sometimes you don’t even know where to start.

How does your creative process work?

Most of the time, one of us starts with an idea that we will put on the table and work on together. For example for White Strobe, I came to the studio with the old loop of Black Strobe and Romaan wanted to give this stronger touch to it so he pitched down the main sample.

How have you both found the UK dance music scene compared to the French scene?

The UK scene is way more underground as people are slightly more open-minded to different music genres. There are also a lot of places for our music style, compare to France there are not that many clubs that play House and Tech House.

What advice do you have for artists looking to become a duo act?

We would definitely say to be ready to go through a lot of different emotions, highs and lows and to stick together no matter what. Each entity of the duo must bring its qualities in favour of the duo and not against the duo.

Always lift each other up and don’t forget to have fun because if it’s not fun anymore that’s where it ends.

What plans do you have for The Lords this summer?

Upcoming gigs to be announced very soon including a UK festival. For now, we will be locking ourselves in the studio and producing music, but we will share on our pages for all the upcoming events.

If you could produce any other genre of music what would it be and why?

Movie Soundtracks! We love the emotion and the dimension you can put in a song when it belongs to a movie.

Finally, where can people go to grab their copy of “White Strobe”?

They can go to our Soundcloud at @thelordsaroundme, you can also find links on all of our social media.

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