Do you Matthew McConaughey? The Verce does

OneEDM had the chance to sit down with The Verce, diving into his recent release of his new hit Matthew McConaughey.  For those who aren’t yet familiar with The Verce, he’s an Atlanta Hip-Pop EDM artist whose passion is to cross boundaries and promote self-love across all backgrounds. This is right in line with the PLUR EDM concept.  He’s worked with the likes of Snoop Dog, Ying Yang Twins and NAKD.

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OneEDM: Why Matthew McConaughey?

The Verce: Well, Matthew McConaughey is an Iconic figure. He is cool but still about business and knows how to party. I can relate to his vibe ya dig.

OE: What was your inspiration for song and video? How did it come about?

TV: Me and Brian Green were chilling in the studio listening to some tracks and all of a sudden Alright, Alright, Alright popped in my head. I quickly came up with hook and the rest was easy.

Also one of my favorite movies is Dazed and Confused. I consider it a classic. David Wooderson played by Matthew McConaughey made that movie a classic. Some of all time classic one liners. I wanted to find a way to capture that into a song so I decided to blend my own personality with the Dazed and Confused movie and created this amazing vibe. The production of the video is simple. We had a ton of alcohol and a few friends. The rest was organic.

OE: Let’s dive into your background regarding Hip-Pop and EDM.

TV: I’ve always been fascinated with different musical genres. The day I hung out with Cowboy Bill really changed my views of EDM. I thought it was all about drugs and quickly realized it’s about the vibe, the lights, music and getting to learn about each other. Hip-Hop is something I’ve always been obsessed with since 5 Yrs old. The culture, rawness, and realness of the music are so powerful. Hip-hop has changed the culture and been the message for the oppressed.  One day I was free styling and blended the two worlds together. My aggressive delivery and the aggressive drops the DJs create is a perfect sound for me.

OE: Tell us how you came to work with Snoop Dog, Ying Yang Twins and NAKD.

TV: Uncle Snoop was the highlight of my musical career. I was a struggling artist and blended and EDM/Hip-hop song called Wait On Me. The song caught the ear of Universal and they put me on a plane to Cali and I made a banging Pop/Edm/Hip-hop song called “Another Round”. That was so much fun. My homie sent my song to the Ying Yang Twins and within 2 hours we were in the studio together and dropped “The Drang Song.”

OE: It must have been exhilarating working with Uncle Snoop.  Walk us through your studio time, and does he really have a dedicated phone to order Waffle House?

TV: Yes, it was dope as [explecetive] to be honest, he does love his Waffle House.  Snoop and his entourage of about 20 in studio showed up with smoke so thick I could hardly see.  He walked into the booth and dropped the first verse.  The reason he’s a legend.

OE: What’s your favorite venue/city that you’ve played so far?

TV: ATL because that’s my home, Miami at Ultra was unreal. Club Lavela in Panama City FL always stay lit and is my favorite venue because of the history that building has been a part of. Bush playing in the rain, so many great Spring Break performance, performing with T Pain in front of 10k people…..Yeah, that’s my favorite venue.

OE: What’s your favorite food/drink that gets the creative juices flowing?

TV: I eat like a 5-year-old kid. Pizza is mine and the studio’s food of choice. I like to stay amped up at all times so I gotta have my Red Bull and vodka.

OE: What’s the next event?

TV: Dropping my next video titled “Geeked” that is sure to get the magazines talking and a 10-city tour with Project Pat and then back to the studio for my next release.

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