Tiki Lau Talks About L.A., Official Merch and “Mike Tyson”

Los Angeles-based indie electronic music duo Tiki Lau just collaborated with heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson on "Mike Tyson"

Tiki Lau is a group of creative individuals who are Los Angeles-based writers, DJs, Grammy Award-winning producers, and more. Officially, Tiki Lau is an indie electronic music duo that composed of Colette Carr and NAKA and they are officially signed to the Kawaii Nation label. Tiki Lau’s main goal is to make music how they want to without boundaries or watered-down opinions that artists usually encounter at larger labels. If you are unaware of how to get an LLC, then consider checking out the startmyllc website.

One interesting fact about the duo is that they always release new tracks on the 22nd of every month. In this case, on October 22, Tiki Lau just released “Mike Tyson” featuring, of course, THE Mike Tyson himself. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Tiki Lau as the duo talks about how Los Angeles is doing today, the merchandise that they are selling to make their money brighter, the music that they will release soon, and their collaboration with the legendary boxing champion.

Kenny Ngo: How is Los Angeles doing right now?

Tiki Lau: This year has been really challenging for everyone in Los Angeles. There have been so many unexpected events that have made situations complex for even simple daily tasks but, overall the vibe is good. The Lakers won the NBA championship. Jeanie Buss is the first female to own a sports franchise and win a world title. The Dodgers are crushing it. 

People are coming together in ways they never have before. Spreading love and supporting each other. New opportunities are arising out of these unique times. We really believe that even though it has been a challenging and testing year, good will prevail overall.

Are there any favorite places that in Los Angeles that you guys can still go to for leisure and/or shopping?

We love to spend a lot of our time at the beach or in the mountains. 

Road trips have been a massive blessing. We’ve lived in California for so long but never really adventured the coastline to places like Big Sur, Carmel, Pismo Beach. There is so much to explore between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is something else you feel like you drive through different worlds but are still in the same state.

What is Tiki Lau’s best-selling merchandise?

Would you be shocked if we told you it was our black and white Tiki Lau masks? The hottest 2020 accessory. 

We are almost sold out of our Tiki Lau slides too! We recently hand tie-dyed a bunch of our branded t-shirts (you can watch the whole process on our first vlog post) that are pretty popular as well. Additionally, we include Tiki Lau stickers and handwritten notes in every order we ship. All we want is to speak a blessing into all of our fans and friends’ lives.

Is there any new merchandise that is currently in the works?

So much! We love fashion and design. We have a bag line called Kōlet that Tiki Lau is going to collaborate with soon. Now that we feel like tie-dying pros, we see a lot of one-of-a-kind pieces in our future.

How did Tiki Lau first get started?

It all started with a busted laptop, and two M-Audio speakers (the downstairs neighbors of our apartment loved us). 

We had people coming through day and night to record verses and write lyrics. In fact, we wanted to create a family-like feeling, a creative space where close friends could connect, come together, and make art. We feel very fortunate to have had that chapter of our journey play out because now that would not even be possible with COVID.

Tiki Lau’s latest track, “Mike Tyson ft. Mike Tyson“ will come out on October 22nd and it is featuring THE Mike Tyson himself. How does it feel to collaborate with one of the most powerful sportsmen in world history?

In the process of making this song, every day we would wake up and think, “What would Mike Tyson do?” We knew that we needed to make a song that was so dope, Mike Tyson would wanna knock someone out to it. We are humbled to be the ones behind his walkout song for his official comeback fight on November 28th, a part of sports history.

How did you guys reach out to Mike Tyson before producing the track?

Our multi-platinum Grammy-winning and legendary Tiki Lau team member Damon Elliott was in the studio with Mike Tyson and had him record the vocals then sent them over to us. Damon is like the DJ Khaled of our group. They knew we were ready to deliver, and we did. You can’t help but get super pumped up when listening to this song.

You guys plan on releasing every new single on the 22nd of every month. Why is the number “22” very significant?

We really see a lot of good things and blessings surrounding that number. Impossible parking spaces marked 22, and other miracle occurs when the clock reads 2:22. It is a special number. We feel like God is constantly using it to reassure us that He has our backs.

Also, Tiki Lau will release a new EP in the first half of 2021. What can the fans expect to hear from this EP?

The EP will be titled “Endless Summer,” and it will have our signature tropical upbeat EDM sound. Expect a lot of collaborations. That’s been our favorite way to be social and connect with friends during this socially-distanced time. When you’re listening to your friend’s vocals on a loop, you can’t help but feel like they’re in the room with you.

Since you guys just collaborated with Mike Tyson on the track “Mike Tyson,”, which other athletes will Tiki Lau want to work with next?

First of all, shout out to Mike Tyson! The GOAT! Drake just won a championship, so a collab with him only seems right. It’s funny how you do one thing, then it snowballs, and you get branded as those people. Now we are the go-to’s for making hype music for athletes.

We would like to work with Formula One racing champion and legend Louis Hamilton, who also happens to be a ridiculously good singer. Everyone that is a part of Tiki Lau loves to make art but our backgrounds are in athletics. It’s super cool how God uses all things and brought us to this place.

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