Tony Junior Interview @ Mysteryland

This year, during our coverage of Mysteryland in Amsterdam, we’ve had the opportunity to speak to some of the most interesting artists in the scene, and Tony Junior is undoubtedly one of them.

Before the interview, I’ve seen that he was pretty busy, so I asked what was going on.

I found out that he was shooting a new video, and that made the Italian inside me very curious!

That was my first question: 

— I’ve heard that you’re shooting a new video right now, is it for a new track?

“Yeah, it’s a Collaboration with Tommy Sunshine that we’ve been working on. I’ll play it at the end of my set on the Spinnin’ Stage and he’ll come and join me on stage as well, that’s gonna be great fun!

I’ll also try to initiate the “Bevo, bevo” chant that my Italian Fans love so much!” 

— What was it like to collab with Tiësto on “Get Down”?

“Amazing. I don’t have any other words to describe it. I sent him an idea that I had for a song, and I wasn’t even sure if the email address I sent it to even existed.

Then, two weeks later, while I was fishing on my boat, I suddenly got an email back from Tijs (Tiësto’s real name) that said: “Wow man, I love the idea: let’s finish this one together.” 

And I was like: “F**kin Hell!”. That was huge for me, and I was so happy when we finished the track in the studio and played it together at UMF last year. 

It already has over 10 Million views on Youtube and over 10 Million plays on Spotify.”

— Talking about “Walk Away”: where did you get the inspiration for that track?

“I got an idea from Jimmy Clash and I really loved it. I played it in my Musical Freedom Talent Edition, even though it wasn’t finished yet. 

Then, because I’m friends with KURA, we thought it would be cool to make a three-way collaboration. We finished it all together, and when I played the track people went NUTS.”

— So, as getting feedback from your fans is very important: What do you think is the role of social media in your career?

“Oh man, it’s huge. Sometimes it’s scary. I wonder what would happen if everything disappeared: no Facebook, no Twitter, no Soundcloud, no Youtube, can you imagine that?! 

That’s why when I play, I want people to talk about my shows even outside social media. 

I want them to say: “I have to go and see that crazy motherfucker one more time!”. 

That’s also why I get booked so much in Italy; when I’m on stage, I do whatever I feel like doing, even some really crazy stuff.

I think that this is something that really transmits emotion to my fans, and, I don’t want to sound cocky, but I want them to experience a part of my personality and leave an impression that is hard to forget.”

— I’ve seen that you’ve been putting out some tutorials lately: What is the piece of gear that you can’t live without in the studio?

“Absolutely the Fabfilter Bundle. I use the EQ, the Saturn and the Limiter a lot in every mix. 

Of course I love Sylenth, Nexus, Zebra and Zeta 2, but lately I’ve been experimenting with some new plugins and sounds.

One of these is EXHALE by Output and Native Instruments. It’s has got lots of crazy sounds, but I think it’s becoming pretty overused now, you can hear it all over the radio. 

Something that I prefer to do now is cutting my own vocal chops; I choose a random song that I like, I sing it and record my vocal.

Then I chop it up, put it in the sampler, autotune it and use it as an instrument, the results are pretty amazing.”

— What do you think have been your biggest musical influences?

“That goes in really deep. 

I’d say Johnny Cash, Jim Morrison, Fred Durst, Swedish House Mafia, Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner for production. It’s very wide! 

I originally played Rock music, so I have a lot of Rock roots.”

— What do you think is going to be the next trend in EDM in the next year?

“I have no idea! I think that’s the biggest question everyone is asking now. 

I think everyone will go back to whatever they like the most. 

Because we’re over the Swedish House Mafia trend, we’re over the “Avicii sound”, over the “Animals sound”, big room and also over the “Oliver Heldens sound”. 

And if you watch Beatport right now, it’s 90% Techno or Tech-House oriented music. 

So, I think everybody will go back to his roots; that’s why I’ll keep it Rock ’n’ Rollish, that’s my style.”

— Future Collaborations? New songs on their way?

“Other than the one with Tommy Sunshine that we talked about, I’ve got a track with Mika coming up and another one with a really talented guy called Maddix, who is in the Revealed roster.

And of course I’m also always working on new productions, I never stop.”

— Last question: What’s the best piece of advice that you can give young producers?

“Oh, I get that question a lot. In the end it’s all about working harder than someone else.

Even when you’re completely stuck and completely out of inspiration, it’s 3 AM in the morning, you don’t know what to do: Just CONTINUE!

Because 99% of the people will just go play Playstation, go chasing Pokémon, but if you continue, and if you constantly do something, people will get to know you for that. 

That’s my main piece of advice, passed to me from the famous drummer Mike Mangini.”

Tony is an amazing guy and obviously an amazing talent. He has always worked very hard and he gifted EDM with some of the hottest hits around. 

He’s been able to create an incredible impact with his personality, and his success speaks for itself. 

Thank you Tony, it was great talking to you!

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