Torres & Brucelee Tell Us More About The Behind The Scenes Process Of Their Hit Release ‘Try Together’

Torres and Brucelee are two fresh talents hailing from China and ready to show their powerful signature sound and style to the world. The artists have recently released a new energetic track via Future Rave Music titled ‘Try Together’. The Future Rave inspired track is another prolific add to the label’s impeccable catalog, as it continues to reach listeners all over the world with its impressive sound. 

While this is not the first collaboration between the DJ and producer duo, they’ve been keeping busy in the studio, working on the upcoming hits to be shared promptly. As ‘Try Together’ continues its way to the top of the charts, we wanted to know more about the production process of the track, as well as some of its influences; we chatted with the artists and this is what they said. 

Hello Torres & Brucelee, how are you? 

Thanks to the Future Rave team, we are good! 

‘Try Together’ is out now, can you tell us what inspired this track? 

‘Try Together’ came through because I like Techno music very much and it’s the main source of inspiration, we were inspired by many Future Rave artists, and also by many Techno House and Hard Tech; Hardwell too. We took David Guetta/MORTEN track ‘Permanence’ as a reference, as we are more inclined to ‘Permanence’. It is worth mentioning that we have made a bold attempt to make our own version of that track, and have been praised by many excellent producers and DJs in our country. 

How did the collaboration between each other come about? 

We are very good friends in real life. Once I went out for a trip, and it happened that Brucelee was also in the same city. When we got together, the conversation was basically about music. When I boldly asked whether we could collaborate on a Future Rave track, and the rest is history. 

Did you learn something new while producing this track? 

Yes, we feel that the different genres we took as inspiration and a Mid Bass rhythm and pulsating basslines can be perfectly combined. 
Do you think the track reached new milestones for you? 

Definitely. This song made more people know me and pay attention to my social media and music. 

How long did it take you to come up with the final version of the song? 

 It took more than 2 months total. 
Using only 3 words, describe ‘Try Together’ 

Technological, adrenaline, synthesizer 

What would you say each one has learned about the other’s production style? 

Brucelee’s Drums and Percussion were an eye-opener to me (Torres). Torres taught me every detail of his process, and it was crazy! (Brucelee) 

How does this track differ from your previous releases? 

The arrangement, tone, atmosphere… everything is different from our previous releases. 

What are you currently working on? 

Torres is working full-time as a music consultant and producer for a company, and Brucelee is a full-time DJ, so we’re keeping very busy! 

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