Trance and Progressive Spotlight: Estrella Recordings

Interview with Estrella Recordings Co-Founder Jon Martin

One EDM interviewed Jon Martin, label boss of emerging record label, Estrella Recordings. Estrella specializes in Trance and Progressive, and Jon gave us some insight into its formation and credo.

Trance and Progressive
Jon Martin

We asked him five direct questions regarding Estrella’s outlook and stance in the current EDM climate, and this is what he had to say:

Hasan Singh: When was Estrella Recordings established?

Jon Martin: “In 2017. It was myself, along with Ozan Yelkalan, Chris Blackburn, and Brandon Bauch. We wanted to join our creative forces together in order to create a record label of our own. In doing so, we wanted to feature outstanding Electronic Dance Music of the Progressive and Trance variety.”

What is the Estrella Label about?

“Simply put, it’s about good music. We cherish the artists in terms of helping budding producers be heard and veterans in the scene be valued more. Our label has a Midwest attitude, meaning that it possess a determined and hardworking ethos, typical of Pittsburgh, where we’re based.”

When signing a track or an artist, what are the key things you look for?

“I can answer this with one word – originality. We listen to determine if a particular song has an overall feel-good vibe. This lets us know if it will move the dance floor and be well-received by the audience. Additionally, quality is another aspect that is a must. We have talented producers within our team so we can gauge the superiority of a track and suggest how it may be enhanced.”

There’s a myriad of Progressive and Trance labels out there. What sets Estrella apart?

“What sets us apart is the fact that we allow the artists to be themselves. They pretty much have a carte-blanche. We stand behind the concept of the track they plan on releasing, while offering unobtrusive advice on possible improvements.”

What plans are there to have Estrella grow from strength to strength?

“We are all family here. I mean that from the front-end to the back-end. We have strong lines of communication that interconnect the artists and A&R. This is valuable trait of Estrella Recordings and can only be beneficial for the label in the long term. Also, we are very unified where we think of the DJs and fans as one cohesive unit. One cannot exist without the other, especially in the Progressive and Trance scene. We possess a strong core of people and this is one of our biggest strengths. I am happy to say too that we have big plans this year and beyond. We plan to add another element to our Trance and Progressive sound, and this will help our growth and reach. Stay tuned for more!”

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