tyDi Reflects on His Latest Single “New Normal”

An interview with TyDi, talking about his passion and his new single 'New Normal'

Tyson Illingworth, better known as tyDi, has been in the music industry for quite a while. His fresh take on his music style and signature sound has clearly stood the test of time. His latest release called “New Normal” is one that has evoked pure emotion from tyDi.

“New Normal” is a literal song that describes the state of this year. The vocals, courtesy of singer-songwriter Bella Renee, give a deep meaning to the track. But before we present the track, here’s a few questions we asked tyDi.

Manav Pallan: How has COVID-19 affected your plans?

tyDi: It’s ruined everything. Last year, I spent every day writing songs with the idea to release them this year. And now they are meaningless. My fans who know me know that I write music with a plan. Also with passion. Covid completely destroyed my plans. It meant that every song I wrote didn’t matter. It’s important because I care about every song I make. Covid meant that I had to reinvent myself and readjust my plans. All the songs I did last year I had to put aside. I had to think about what matters today.

When did you realise that you wanted to pursue a career in music?

I was a nerd in school, and I was that type of kid that wasn’t good at anything. However, I had an interest in music though. I decided to hide myself in a music room and apply myself to music, and escape through music. I still think at 33-years-old that music allows you to escape. Music is a way to get out of the real world.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

I only have two tattoos. Blink-182 on one arm. Coheed & Cambria on the other. The Blink 182 tattoo tells me that everytime I wake up, I see the band that inspires my love of music. I remember every song on the album. The Coheed & Cambria tattoo is one of a dragonfly. Dragonflies often have different shaped wings because something may have bitten part of it off. But it still flies. That’s how I look at success. No matter what people think of you, you just have to keep going.

You’ve got a track called “New Normal” that just came out? What’s it about?

“New Normal” is the most honest song I’ve done this year. It’s rare that I get to talk about anything’s that is literally what it means. What you’re hearing is what it means. This isn’t like other songs where you can decode lyrics. “New Normal” is a song about struggling through this unique global situation and how hard it was. “New Normal” is what it is. It’s about itself. Can it be any more honest?

You’ve achieved a lot in your career, how do you feel about your success?

I don’t feel like I’ve ever achieved greatness. The moment we settle is the moment we give up. I’ve never once gone ‘I’ve done it’. I played shows to 50k people and they all have their own opinion. People can do whatever they want. It’s impossible to make everyone happy. I need to make sure I’m happy first. When I walk away into the green room, I want to know that I did my best. Even if that isn’t good enough. It’s ok to not be ok. I feel blessed but at the same time when you read negative things about you, just remember it’s one person that puts all their effort into making a show.

Where does your drive come to create music?

Think about this. I get to wake up to go onto a computer, and create something that nobody that has heard before. I’m the first to hear it. That’s cool. To be able to make that sculpture to something that could affect the lives of millions. It could affect the lives of so many people. My fans give me the biggest drive. I get so many emotional and uplifting messages that makes me so motivated to continue working and making music.

What has the response to “New Normal” been like?

It’s been positive. I haven’t seen anything bad. I am so blessed that “New Normal” has been taken well, adding another piece to my puzzle. “New Normal” is a story. I wrote songs earlier this year that were controversial. “New Normal” is literal, it’s exactly what the lyrics say. My fans say that it’s a good song and it’s catchy. These carry meaning to me

What was it like working with Bella Renee?

She is amazing. Bella is a super fun person to be around. This was her first ever song and I feel proud that she featured on my track. She was nervous but I am really proud to have her voice on “New Normal”. She’s so talented and kind. Working with her was easy, she was open minded and was a dream to work with.

Do you have any other hobbies?

Golf, before the pandemic, I also used to love going on boats. I feel bad talking about what I did. Knowing that I took those things for granted. Surfing, flying fighter jets were also part of my hobbies.

What are your plans for the future? Anything exciting coming up?

I have a new album out soon as well as a lot of collabs.

You can stream “New Normal” on Spotify or on YouTube here:

A massive thank you to tyDi for that wonderful insight into his thoughts!

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