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Julian Jordan is making big moves in the European EDM scene. Julian has had many successes during his short time in the game including having a Beatport #1. He has played all over the world including EDC, Tomorrowland, Ultra, and Ibiza. The professionalism and creativity to his tracks are one of the many reasons MTV cited him as “one to watch” and got nominated for an MTV EMA last year. One EDM had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Julian before his set on the Arcadia Afterburner Stage at Ultra Europe 2017.

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Posted by Julian Jordan on Thursday, July 20, 2017

One EDM: You recently dropped a new track, ‘Chinook’,  talk to us about your new release.

Julian Jordan: Actually I made this track specifically for festivals. You know I play a lot of festivals during the summer and people have always gone crazy for this track; that’s the main reason I chose to release it.

One EDM: Lately you have been joining Martin Garrix for some shows at Hi in Ibiza. Talk about that experience with us.

Julian Jordan: Hi Ibiza is a sick club! I’m really proud to play a set over there because it’s like Vegas in Europe.  It was the most energy I’ve seen in a club in a long time. The people were really into party mode, the lights and effects from the club are next level!

Hi Ibiza

One EDM: Since the beginning of this year you’ve also joined the likes of Calvin Harris, Hardwell and Martin Garrix with your residency in Las Vegas at Omnia. Tell us a little more about your new Las Vegas residency.

Julian JordanOmnia Nightclub, Vegas is one of the sickest clubs in the whole world! To be a part of that club and that team is amazing. I’m there with a lot of friends, big DJ’s as well, so every time we are in Vegas it’s like a big family reunion.

One EDM: Who are some of your favorite artists to tour with?

Julian Jordan: Martin Garrix for sure. I grew up and went to school with Martin, we play together at Hi and Omnia, I always enjoy playing with him. I have to say, Sander Van Doorn because he is the one who really brought me into this music. He is a really big mentor of mine.

One EDM: Let’s talk about some more new music. You just released your first remix with Universal Music, talk about that a little bit.

Julian Jordan: You know it’s been so awesome working with Universal because they really have a big reach and they know a lot about other tracks as well. It’s great to be inspired by other genres, you know, not only EDM. As a producer, I always want to think outside of the box, see different crowds, reach different people.

One EDM: We have a style section here at One EDM. Right now you’re in the traditional all-black DJ outfit, but, you just released your new Clothing Line.  Talk about your new clothing line with us. Also, talk about what you usually like to wear for gigs.

CHASIN’ – Ego Slim Julian

Julian Jordan: I work together with CHASIN’ and we make some really sick jeans. Be on the look out for our new stuff. As far as what I wear on stage goes, I always like to wear something that gets the attention. Like a watch or shoes that get attention. I’m a big sneaker head and I actually just got rid of a bunch of sneakers because I have to move into my new house but now that means I can go buy new ones so it’s all good.

One EDM: What artists have helped influence your sound. Who did you listen to when you first started and who do you currently listen to and draw inspiration from?

Julian Jordan: Daft Punk is one of the biggest inspirations for me. They were so inspirational for me at such a young age. They have really contributed to how music even is today; from the process on how to approach a track to even the sound of today. So are Tiësto and Armin. I mean they were the ones who helped bring Dutch people into this industry and I think it’s really important to think about that.

One EDM: You have a remix for Armin coming out soon, which song?

Julian Jordan: It’s called “This is a Test” which is a track from Armin that he plays in his sets, it’s more like a gimmick song. Armin reached out to me personally and was like “Julian, I want you to do the remix because I want to do a big festival remix version of this track. It’s pretty cool that he messaged me to do it.

One EDM: What events are you most excited to play in the future?

Julian Jordan: You know that’s hard because I’ve played so many great festivals but I’m  looking forward to New Horizons in Germany, Solar in the Netherlands and Tomorrowland.

One EDM: Do you have anything else that you’d like to preview with your fans?

Julian Jordan: Well I’ve got some great remixes for really big artists as well, but I can’t talk too much about them at this time. I will be playing a lot of my new stuff in tonight’s set so you’ll be able to preview some of my new stuff there.

One EDM: Thank you for sitting down with One EDM. Looking forward to catching your set.

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