Up-and-Coming Teenage DJ Connor Bvrns Aims for the Top

One EDM's exclusive interview with Connor Bvrns, a teenage producer who may become the next American EDM superstar

Connor Bvrns is an up-and-coming teenage DJ who has a fascinating music style that differs from his industry counterparts. The artist was diagnosed with Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) at a young age. However, that condition has allowed Connor Bvrns to distinguish certain sound frequencies that most people could not identify or hear. Additionally, he has synesthesia, which allow him to see and hear colors. A few artists who also have synesthesia include Pharrell, Billie Eilish and Kanye West. On May 6, the Palo Alto-born producer released his newest single “INNOCENCE” and its sound can remind listeners of Avicii himself. The track provides the vocals of Jake Torrey and it gives off a country/folk vibe before making way for a modern electronic breakdown.

Connor Bvrns became well-known since he toured with Jauz across North America in 2018. He also collaborated with BONN and in 2019, he signed onto Astralwerks. When 2020 began, the young artist released his debut single “ANTHEM“, an emotional track that serves to motivate people in relationship situations and it also features BONN’s vocals. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Connor Bvrns, the teenage DJ who may become the next American electronic music superstar. After reading the interview, feel free to download and stream “Innocence” right here.

How have things been for you lately?

Things are great. Been working on new music and finishing records while everything is down.

Did you discover new hobbies during this time?

A little bit of hiking here and there but mainly just focusing on honing in on nerdy production stuff.

What was the last show you performed before the pandemic began?

Sundance 2020 when I opened for The Chainsmokers.

Do you have any favorite memories from that show?

Yeah! After I got off opening for The Chainsmokers for the Sundance show, Alex and Drew decided to spray me with champagne.

You released your debut single ‘ANTHEM’ at the beginning of this year. What were your feelings like after seeing the song/video released?

A big relief because I had a fear of releasing my first song initially. When I look back now I’m happy that it’s out for people to enjoy. ‘ANTHEM’ is only a page in this book.

Speaking of singles, you just released your newest single ‘INNOCENCE’. What is the background behind the single?

I wanted to make a record that made people realize that we only have so much time to fully live. In general, I feel that people should live with no regrets.

Any notable features of the track that the listeners should notice?

My good friend Jake Torrey killed the vocals on these. I love the tone of his voice and what he’s about musically in general.

What are you currently working on?

Been working on finishing up the next single “Wreck My Might”. I am very eager to share!

What is next on your check list for this year and next year?

Breaking more boundaries sonically and finding more ways to inspire people for sure. As well as getting out on the road more to connect with people.

Do you have any final words for people who are experiencing this tumultuous time in history?

With all that is currently going on, I try to remind myself that the only person stopping me from achieving anything is me. You control your own destiny.

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