OneEDM Exclusive: An interview with Valentino Khan at Bonnaroo 2018

OneEDM recently had the chance to sit down with Valentino Khan and talk about his music and his upcoming events. The DJ is known for his innovative music and his range of talent.

Valentino Khan

OneEDM: So you recently released two new remixes. What are your thoughts when you put out new music? Do you get nervous?

Valentino Khan: I wouldn’t say nervous. More excited than nervous. Obviously, I always want my music to resonate with people as well as possible, so it’s more of an exciting feeling and I just want to keep finishing music.

OneEDM: Are you constantly working on new things or is it as the mood strikes?

Valentino Khan: Yeah, I am constantly working on new things. It helps when I’m able to sit down in the studio and just work. It gets a little harder when I’m touring but I love working in the studio and working with people.

Valentino Khan

OneEDM: Do you like collaborating with people a lot?

Valentino Khan: Of course. I think collaboration has to be organic and it’s got to be a good fit between the people that are working together. But yeah, it’s always fun because everybody has their different strengths and different sounds that they bring to the table, you know, and you get in the studio and it’s really special.

OneEDM: So you’re getting ready to go international. I’ve noticed that you tour internationally a lot. Do you have a strong fan base internationally or is it just where they take you?

Valentino Khan: For me, I think I’m one of the few artists that my music has really translated well internationally, especially in Europe and Asia. I think I’m really fortunate to be able to go to these places and doing multiple tours and touring in Europe and Asia.

OneEDM: So many people have a big fan base in the US, but having a big fan base worldwide is huge. Do you have a favorite place to perform?

Valentino Khan: I love my hometown shows. Playing in L.A. and seeing all my fans from where I’m from is really special.

OneEDM: What do you want fans to take away from your shows?

Valentino Khan: I want people to hear something they’ve never heard before, especially as these days when we’re curating your musical experience for the night. I like to play new music but I also want to play music people know.

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