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OneEDM interviews Veluzz, a 19-year-old producer/DJ born in Madrid, who in 2015 was involved in a motorcycle accident leaving him in a coma for 30 days. Check out the OneEDM interview below to dive deeper into what inspires this young and talented musician.

Welcome to OneEDM, Veluzz! What inspired you to compose “Show You”? What did you consider a muse for the song?

First of all, I wanted to thank you very much for this opportunity. “Show You” represents second opportunities in true love. That one love that is never forgotten. Sometimes, and we do not know why very well, a beautiful relationship comes to an end. When there is true love, neither time, nor age, or even life itself … can stop it.

You talk a lot about appreciation in your music and in your life. How do you think this has an effect on your music?

My daily life is music and rehabilitation, I’m still recovering my foot and my hand every day. And “I breathe freedom” when I’m in my study. It is the best part of the day. It is almost a religious experience for me.

What is it that you wish to express to fans through your music?

Happiness, empathy, overcoming obstacles, and, above all: to never give up. My personal experience has been and still is very hard. There is only one option: to trust the effort you put in every day, and if you can, at times, smile and give thanks for being alive.

Just starting out in this music industry, what has been your greatest obstacle so far?

Yes, this is just the beginning. My first production went to the music market on March 19: Sleepaway. I always get emotional listening to it. It came from the deepest part of me. The official video clip, which is on my channel Vevo tells my whole story.

Which instruments do you like to incorporate in your production process the most?

The piano above all.

Can you play any instruments? What do you play?

In my rehabilitation process since the accident, I started playing the piano as another type of therapy. To help in the recovery of my immediate memory. I love it, although I still can not play it correctly because of the injury in my left hand. But I try and enjoy playing “Tomorrow” or “Show You”. The piano is everything.

What is your dream B2B partner?

No doubt: Justin Jesso. I have had the pleasure of knowing him personally and he is even a better person than singer, which is actually very difficult. And, of course, my admired Kygo. Without him, Veluzz, I would not be who I am today. He is a very special person and with a great sense of empathy.

You mention overcoming obstacles in your past, what were they and how have they helped you grow into the person you are now?

On April 30th, 2015, a drunk driver jumped a STOP and hit me while I was driving my motorbike. I remained in a coma for 30 days. And I woke up against all odds. From there, it was like starting all over again. Everything jet to learn and recover. It was very hard for my family especially, there has not been a day in which they have lost the strength and the faith to see me recovered. They are incredible.

My life is kind of divided in two. One before the accident, that left, and another after. In my second life, I learned a lot. There is always a reason why and for whom to live. I have learned that love (which I breathe in my house) is something very strong. I’ve also learned that if you’re not doing well, and you’re in a hospital bed, sick for a long time … Good friends stay and others (the majority) leave. To all those who left, I wish you the best.

The person that I am now, knows his family better, admires them, and admires personal effort. The person that I am now, does not give up, enjoys every minute, and, values the fact that having a friend, only one, is having a treasure. I do not need anything else.

Is there anything (besides music) you are passionate about?

As much as producing music or making mixes for sessions, nothing. There are things that I like (football, NFL) but I’m not passionate about them.

And finally, if you could play at any festival in the world, what festival and why?

No doubt in Ultra Music, and in Miami if possible. It must be an incredible experience to be able to mix next to all those producers I admire. But …, on top of that, I fight for it daily, I dream to deserve to be on the stage of Usuhaia someday and make everyone feel a little of what the music makes me feel. I’m alive … and it’s wonderful. You are alive and it is wonderful. Move, enjoy, feel, and embrace the person you have by your side. Tell the people you love, how much you love them. And do something incredible, think about someone who is not yourself. Music is life, it is generosity and happiness.

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