Veserium: The Future of EDM


Veserium is an electronic-music duo that creates a live show as you have never experienced before. The pair uses Tone Sculptor technology to generate sound from thin air using only motions and gestures. Fans experience the music on an entirely different level.

They are being able to see and hear the sounds as they are being created. Using such technology, Veserium is breathing a human element into EDM. They are pioneering a distinctly expressive sound filled with aggressive basslines and virtuosic melodies.

Veserium consists of former engineers Ray Li and Michael Ndubuisi who, unsatisfied with available performance technology, decided to create their own. By combining creativity and engineering, they are crafting sounds which have never been heard before.

As a result, re-engineering the DNA of electronic music. Veserium has won over the hearts of fans around the world who have been hungry for a truly original sound in electronic music.


OneEDM gained an exclusive insight on Veserium and the duo’s experience as being the innovative force of electronic dance music.

OneEDM: What has been your biggest challenge transitioning into the music industry?

Veserium: Mike and I work on music and technology out of a passion for the two subjects. We started making beats together and inventing musical instruments in college. But, we never expected to be doing music full-time.

We have had to learn a lot about the industry, and we are still learning every day.  We are also learning more about online marketing and social media. Gaining real fans, creating and selling merchandise, and honing a unique sound. It is all new to us, and we are still figuring out how to make a stable income as musicians.

When your creative juices are flowing, what inspires you to keep going?

Our instruments! A lot of people look at what we are doing and think, “it is just a flashier way of making beats.” While that is definitely true, flashiness was never the reason we embarked on this project. From the start, we intended to be as intimate as possible with sounds that we were controlling.

We wanted to be able to literally shape sound and control it with as much expression as a vocalist has over their voice. The quest to design and master these powerful sounds and to bring these sounds to life in our unique blend of electronic music is what keeps us going.

What is your go-to food or meal while working and when performing?

Ray Li: I have mixed feelings about food. On the one hand, I actually really enjoy cooking. I see it as a very creative process. Usually, when I cook, I fly by the seat of my pants and add ingredients as I go. Though, I think that is a characteristic of my personality in general—one of my favorite things to do musically is to improvise.

But on the other hand, I hate taking the time to make food, especially when I am trying to get something done. Mike has observed as I have gone through phases of living off of microwaveable foods, then frozen foods, and lately canned foods. I am currently experimenting with meal prepping as well as meal substitutes like Soylent and TwennyBar. That might be the techie side of me coming out.

Ray Li

What are your favorite hikes? Is that where you go for inspiration?

Having just moved to Nevada after growing up in the Midwest, mountains are entirely new to me. It still blows my mind driving down the highway seeing silhouettes of mountain peaks as the sun sets. There are so many good hiking spots in Vegas, but I am not sure I have found a favorite yet. I love Red Rock National Park, and you will often find me there with a guitar on my back. Lake Mead is also beautiful.

While the landscape is certainly inspiring, I see hiking as more of a reprieve and refresher from working with technology and producing music all day. So in that sense, I think it helps me make better music.

What has been the most satisfying achievement so far?

I think completing “Veserium 2.0”, which is what we are calling the new suits and visuals that we created. Also, seeing the response to it has been incredible. Since we have put that together, people have been reaching out to us left and right, wanting to contribute to the project or book us in their own city. Mostly, we are excited at hitting the momentum that we have. I feel like we are getting into a groove and finally have a decent sense of the direction that we are headed.

What are your goals for the rest of 2018 as well as going into 2019?

We are currently working on our debut EP. It will have six or seven tracks on it and is slated to be out this Summer. This is going to be the first body of work that we are releasing, and I see it as our chance to establish our own sound. I think right now, people know what we look like, but after this release, I want people to know what we sound like. The goal is for people to listen to a track, and be like, “yeah, that is Veserium,” whether they see us or not.

Moving forward, we want to keep growing our Patreon, which is like our fan club for those who wish to support us financially and to keep playing bigger shows.

Are there any upcoming shows we can see you perform?

We do not currently have anything scheduled as we have mostly been focusing on our EP and making new videos. But, we are always looking for good opportunities to share our music with fans in person. Traveling to play shows outside of Vegas is a priority at the moment. If you are interested in booking us, feel free to reach out at

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