Vintage Culture: Brazil’s Top House Music Superstar

Brazilian house music star discuss latest tracks with Alok and Tiësto and being featured by Rolling Stone and Forbes

Vintage Culture is among one of many world-class producers from Brazil who have illuminated the house music scene, and the wider electronic music industry, for the past several years. With each track that Vintage Culture produced, his fame constantly rises and helps him cement his status as an international house music superstar in his own right. Born as Lukas Ruiz, Vintage Culture recently released “Party On My Own” on August 28th alongside countryman and friend Alok.

The track featured vocal support from FAULHABER and both Brazilian stars also unveiled a dance floor-heavy VIP Mix of the track last month as well. Additionally, Vintage Culture collaborated with Tiësto on “Coffee (Give Me Something)“, which came out on August 24th, and released his remix of Joel Corry and MNEK’s “Head & Heart” on September 4th. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Vintage Culture, the house music star who also produced an amazing livestream set from the São Paulo skyline on July 7th (check out YouTube video below).

Kenny Ngo: Although we are still dealing with the pandemic, how was your summer?

Vintage Culture: Thank you for having me; it is a pleasure to answer your questions. In fact, despite the pandemic, we must try the best in each situation.It was positive to have time to organize everything, to plan new things that sometimes I don’t have time to look at closely during the tour. It’s great to rest and get as many studio hours as I want. I have over 100 songs ready, and the release schedule makes me anxious every day.

You recently released “Party On My Own” with fellow countryman Alok. How was it like working with him on producing the track?

Alok is my friend and we’ve known each other for a long time. Working on “Party On My Own” was cool and fun! We are thrilled with the final result, releasing two versions of the song. The first was released in August as an Original Mix.

Then, the VIP MIX dropped in September, sounding slightly heavier and more focused on the dance floor. Alok and I are donating our royalties from “Party On My Own” to NGOs (charities) in Brazil.

In your opinion, what part of the track stands out the most?

The vocals by FALHAUBER really got out attention. We think it stands out! The hook is striking!

You had also recently released “Coffee (Give Me Something)” with Dutch house superstar Tiësto. How were your experiences collaborating with a phenomenal legend like him?

I released “My Girl” on his label, Musical Freedom, in 2019. Afterwards, we started talking about doing something together shortly. And so that day came to life! It was the perfect opportunity; words can’t express how happy and grateful I am. I loved the song.

Working with Tiësto is an honor and a lifetime experience. Imagine a boy hailing from a city of 15 thousand inhabitants in the middle of nowhere, who wanted to be a DJ, and now he is actually releasing a song with Tiësto? It feels incredible.

What do you think is the most significant difference between your musical style and Tiesto’s musical style?

Naturally, each artist has their own style, but some differences might just be a matter of the moment, not something written in stone. I was most happy about seeing some elements from Tiesto’s songs from many years ago with new elements I am using in my lastest tracks.

Also in this year, you had topped the Billboard Dance Club charts with “In The Dark” alongside Fancy Inc. and “Deep Inside Of Me” featuring MKLA and Adam K. How does it feel for you to produce two high-quality tracks that later earned those accomplishments?

For sure, that’s an accomplishment that makes me very happy and proud. It is amazing to see both songs on the Billboard chart. It was something new for me, and I felt a lifetime recognition of such a global market reference.

Speaking of success, you have also featured on the cover of Rolling Stone and Forbes included you on the “30 under 30” list in the past as well. What do you think about those amazing moments?

Being on the cover of Rolling Stone was a dream. It is a magazine that I have always read and wondered “one day will I be able to be on the cover.” The moment the cover was confirmed, it was even more rewarding. I had the opportunity to talk about my issues with anxiety and all the mental health situation that I went through.

A side of my life I had never gone public about. Forbes, on the other hand, was very rewarding. In a way, it is a different side, more business and entrepreneurial to be there, and afterward, we did a live interview on their Instagram.

Additionally, do you think that more people should keep an eye out on the Brazilian electronic music industry because of the recent accomplishments from yourself, Alok, and other rising Brazilian DJs/producers?

For sure, in fact, I think that everyone has to be open-minded and look at other styles, cultures. Many good things are being done here in Brazil, and I think more and more will be on the radar of the rest of the world.

When will you unveil your next musical creation?

I can’t go much deeper at the moment but it will be soon! A lot of surprises and great news are coming. 🙂

What is the one place you want to visit again once this pandemic ends or dwindles?

At home, which is at my own festival in Brazil, “So Track Boa”. Can’t wait to be with the crowd again; they are my family, enjoying the party with me until sunrise. I really miss this!

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