VIZE: German House Producers With a Unique Music Style

Berlin-based VIZE collaborated with Tujamo and MAJAN in releasing "Lonely", out now via Universal Music

VIZE are producers from Berlin who have recently collaborated with Tujamo and MAJAN in releasing “Lonely“. This track “Lonely” is out now across all streaming platforms via Universal Music since it dropped on May 29, 2020. VIZE produced “Lonely” alongside Tujamo and MAJAN during this worldwide COVID-19 pandemic where many music fans have been craving for the dance floors again. “Lonely” provides MAJAN’s soulful vocals, VIZE’s dynamic house elements, and Tujamo’s mesmerizing trumpets. The group debuted the track at German nightclub Index’s drive-in rave on May 16, which music fans how fun drive-in raves can be in Germany and worldwide.

VIZE are house producers who specialize in a unique music style called “Slap House”. This music style combines jamming house music with energetic bass rhythms. They were nominated for a 1LIVE Krone Award for “Best Dance Act” alongside long time collaborator Felix Jaehn in 2019. VIZE’s full recent catalog is nothing short of impressive with recent knockout singles ‘Kids’ with Alle Farben and Graham Candy and ‘Never Let Me Down’ with Tom Gregory. Currently, the Berlin producers have nearly 10,000,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with VIZE, the German house producers whose brand of house music can equally pump up crowds at drive-in raves, nightclubs, rooftop parties, concerts, and music festivals.

Kenny Ngo: How is the German electronic music scene doing right now in the current COVID-19 pandemic?

VIZE: Of course, the current situation is difficult and the music scene is on a very low level because all festivals and shows have been cancelled. We tried to make the best out of the situation and have been in the studio producing new music. Such a lockdown can definitely push creativity. Also, we played live streams from our spaceship studio every week and have performed at the drive-in parties all over Germany.

You guys, alongside MAJAN and Tujamo, performed your latest single ‘Lonely’ at German nightclub Index’s drive-in rave in Schüttorf (a town near the Dutch border). How was it like performing the single at a show like that?

It was the first show for us since the shutdown and it was nice to play in front of the crowd again. Of course, it was pretty different because this time we were not in front of a big partying crowd but in front of hundreds of cars. It was very special for us to play this song, which perfectly describes the current situation. The drive-in party in Schüttorf was just an awesome experience. It had a bit of a festival feeling for us.

What was the most memorable moment do you remember that show?

The most memorable moment at this show was the debut of “Lonely” and shortly after we announced the song in front of the crowd, all cars honked together – an absolute goosebump moment.

Do you guys see yourselves performing at another drive-in rave like that again?

We have played at many drive-in parties all over Germany and it is great that we have found a way to celebrate with our VIZE family during this situation too.

What are the significant differences between performing at that drive-in rave and performing at a music festival, concert, or even a regular nightclub show?

The big difference is that you can capture crowd emotions more at a festival show or in a club. But at a drive-in party, every guest is encapsulated in their car; they can only give the DJ feedback via honking and blinking. It’s familiar and different at the same time.

Regarding ‘Lonely”, what is the main goal of the single during this chaotic time many people are facing right now?

Our single “Lonely” describes the current situation of many people right now. We wanted to create a hymn against loneliness that makes us dream about how we will catch up with all parties and good times as soon as festivals and parties are allowed again.

Are you guys still making new music at this current moment?

Of course! We have used the current situation to release even more new music than before. During the lockdown, we released new music for our VIZE Family about every 2 weeks.

Where do you guys want to travel to once everything gets better again?

As soon as everything gets better, we want to travel to all countries where our shows were cancelled this year. We want to celebrate big parties with our fans!

This is a football question (or “soccer” as it is called here in the U.S.). Since you guys are from Berlin, what do you think of the Berlin derby between Hertha and Union now that Union are now in the first division of the Bundesliga?

We are happy for Union Berlin that they are now in the first division of Bundesliga. As well as having a first-division Derby in Berlin. This revives the soccer in Berlin and hopefully brings many great games to the city very soon.

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