What’s in Store for ALWZ SNNY – My Future Self Interview

American DJ and Producer ALWZ SNNY has really outdone himself in the past year which has earned him a remarkable reputation within the industry, built upon a string of impressive releases that remain upbeat and full of feel-good vibes even through these hard times of adversity. You can always rely on ALWZ SNNY to bring up the mood, with releases like ‘Still Wait 4U’, ‘Love Revolution’ and ‘As Long As We’re Together’, which has given him the opportunity to work with some talented figureheads in the industry like Sincerely Collins and Jennifer Chatham.  

With more and more releases on the horizon, ALWZ SNNY continues to impress with his Country Dance Electropop fusion that is perfect for lovers of his signature sound, which is made up of upbeat dance music that is often seasoned with a country-dance feel that is unique and catchy. We caught up with ALWZ SNNY with a ‘My Future Self’ interview to find out what’s in store for him in the future.

Give us 3 predictions of life in 2030?

SNNY will be playing mainstage Tomorrowland, SNNY will have his own festival, and Coronavirus will be gone but never forgotten.

What is at the top of you bucket list?

Travel the world with friends! The things we took for granted!

Looking back over the years, how do you think your sound has developed?

Confidence! I am confident that whatever I release will sound good because of how much time I have put in the studio and burying my head in my laptop!

How do you think your music will sound in the future?

I think I will still be doing a lot of 4 to floor drops, just different synths and cooler sounds! High energy, happy stuff!

Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

In five years, I would like to have a platform that I could help launch artists and other DJs. As well as headlining my own tour.

With technological advancements, what do you think DJing and producing will be like in the future?

It is already pretty advanced, that’s why so many DJs are doing something different like playing instruments to make their shows stand out. I think more than anything you will see DJs being more creative with their sets, mixes, and ‘tricks’.

What personal goals do you wish to achieve?

I think one goal is to make sure everything is still fun. Very easily you can be pushed off the path of remembering to have fun. Other than that, I would like to help bring Country and EDM together. DJs such as Diplo have started doing that, I would like to expand on it.

Tell us about some plans you already have in the pipeline?

I have been releasing a lot of remixes this year. I would like to continue that trend as well as release some of my own songs and videos. I have a few of them lined up and ready to go this summer!

Lastly, what message do you want to leave for your future self?

Remember to have fun! There are a million easier ways to make money other than producing and being a DJ. Do not forget that!

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