Wolvero: Electrifying Bass House Producer from San Francisco

Wolvero can perfectly mix the best of bass and house music

Wolvero is a San Francisco-based DJ who creates boisterous and climatic bass-house music. He can easily turn up the volume with his tracks in any environment, especially since he had done the same thing as a guitarist in a heavy metal band. Wolvero has partnered up with the likes of ARIUS, NERO and Tony Romera throughout his career. He has also released his music on labels such as Uprise Records, Play Records and Ensis Records. Wolvero recently released his Reflections EP last year and on Beatport’s Top Releases chart, Reflections attained the #2 position for Bass and Electro House and #3 for Future House.

On May 22, he released his newest single with Bristol-based artist Dread MC titled ‘Hit List‘. The single is made ready for the clubs (once they open up again) and it is a great example of a thorough four-on-the-floor production from start-to-finish. ‘Hit List’ does provide a steady percussive tone, dynamic basslines and a roaring intensity. Those factors perfectly aligned themselves with Dread MC’s impressive vocals. ‘Hit List’ follows Wolvero’s last original release titled ‘Burnin‘ which came out in January. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with a DJ who skillfully blends bass and house into his own unique musical style. After viewing this interview, download and stream ‘Hit List’ right here.

Kenny Ngo: How have you been doing for these past few months?

Wolvero: I have been doing well. The pandemic and riots have taken a drastic toll on music and events all around the USA and the world. As a result, the inspiration that I usually get from playing shows has depleted.

Did you schedule any fun plans before the pandemic began?

I was planning on attending EDC in May to support Valy Mo who was going to drop our new collaboration “Underground” live for the first time.

Since you are from San Francisco, which nightclub do you like performing at the most? Temple, Audio, Mezzanine, The Midway, 1015 Folsom, or other?

I enjoy playing at Audio the most. The atmosphere there is unparalleled to other experiences. The crowd and security are awesome and always keep the good energy flowing.

Before you became a DJ, you played in a heavy metal band. How was your time in the band?

It was an interesting learning experience for me, and I began composing music around that time as well. It taught me how to work as a team and also how to manage other aspects of promotion and management.

How did you and Dread MC come up with the single?

I began by sending Dread MC something that I had been working on for a couple of months. He liked it and recorded some vocals for me. Several revisions were made in the creative process as well. Initially, we had a lead synth on the drop, but that idea wasn’t working. I replaced it with the heavy wub bass that is now heard as the main bass line in the track. Other than that, the gripping melody at the break was layered with atmospheric effects to give it an engrossing vibe.

What are the similarities and differences between the bass music you currently produce as a DJ compared to the heavy metal you played as a guitarist?

The two worlds could not be any more different. As a part of a band, the creative process is done with a group of people, but with EDM and dance music it’s mainly done by yourself. This has its pros and cons. For one, I enjoy the freedom to make whatever comes to me in the moment and not have to get approval from a team of people. One downside is a lack of feedback in the creative process until you are able to show close friends.

What was the last show and festival you performed at before the pandemic?

Shortly before the pandemic, I played a closing set at Audio SF following a killer performance by Tony Romera, and one after Ghastly at Amplify SF. Both shows were sold-out, and the crowds were amazing.

Do you remember any fun memories from your last performance?

I was able to meet a couple of fans for the first time after my set, which was amazing. Their continued support means the world to me!

Where do you want to travel the most once everything gets better again?

Once things return to normal, I would love to go to Las Vegas with a couple of friends, or on a resort trip to Mexico. It has been several years since I was there but it is one of my favorite vacation spots.

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