Young Bombs Discussed Latest Track, Music Past, and Plans

Young Bombs' latest track, "Kinda Funny" feat. Audrey Mika, is a banger that will have all dance from dusk to dawn.

Young Bombs are a Canadian pop-dance DJ duo with a lot of great things going for them. The duo has already been nominated with JUNO Awards (JUNO is Canada’s answer to the Grammys) and they are also Gold-certified artists with 159+ million global streams. Among the top music stars that Young Bombs have collaborated with include but not limited to Elio, Zara Larsson, MOTi, DixieCharli XCX, and Noah Cyrus. The music that Young Bombs create generally get everyone moving on the dance-floor and on festival grounds alike.

A few weeks ago, Young Bombs recently released their latest single, “Kinda Funny“, featuring rising sensation Audrey Mika. “Kinda Funny” wonderfully combines the top-class, energetic production skills of Young Bombs with the smooth vocals of Audrey Mika; the track creates a really chill groove with modern pop-dance influences. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Young Bombs, the duo from Vancouver who have also supported The Chainsmokers, Galantis, R3HAB, and Adventure Club on tour. The duo discussed about “Kinda Funny”, their musical pasts when they started their careers, upcoming music plans this year, and more.

Ken Ngo: August is this current and 2022 will come to end in four months. How has your summer been so far?

Young Bombs: Great! We put out our first single of the year (“Kinda Funny” feat. Audrey Mika) a few weeks ago and we are loving the response so far.

In general, what do you guys think about the whole year of 2022, career-wise and personal?

After two tough years due to the pandemic, it feels good to be playing live again. When we get to play shows, we feel inspired to create more music so it’s been a beautiful experience.

Young Bombs Audrey Mika
Photo Credit: Claire Schmitt

You guys just released your latest single, “Kinda Funny”, with YouTube sensation Audrey Mika. How was it like working with her?

She’s a star, what else can we say? Writing with her was a breeze and she cut the vocal in only 2 takes. Her voice is on a whole different level.

What is the background story behind “Kinda Funny”?

Martin made the beat the night before the session. When we brought it into the studio the next day, our friends Rollo, Deza, and of course, Audrey, were vibing to it and we wrote the lyrics and vocal melodies in 30 minutes. It was a very natural process.

Aside from having “Kinda Funny” as a summer pop-dance anthem, what do you guys want the track to be like for the fans who listen to it?

The track can be digested however our fans want it to be. We hope our music can impact their lives to whatever best suits their mood or life situation.

Are there any more musical projects that all should look out from you guys?

More music coming down the pipeline. We have some dance-floor bangers we are very excited to release throughout the remainder of 2022.

The both of you met in high school in Vancouver and there is a story that the both of you met during a “Battle of the Bands” type of environment. How do the punk rock pasts of you guys correlate with the current pop-dance vibes that you guys are now creating?

Punk rock changed our lives. It taught us how to make a band with our friends, write songs, perform live, sell CDs, promote your shows, etc. with a DIY sensibility. It also emphasises that you don’t have to be the most musically skilled person to participate in it. These same things we’ve applied to Young Bombs: learning how to produce songs on a computer, pushing our music on SoundCloud and blogs, promoting ourselves on social media, etc. It all correlates.

You guys also dabbled in indie rock as well. How does the indie rock genre fit in with the current style of music you are now producing?

Our indie rock band was very dance-oriented. Our rhythms were very 4-on-the-floor and disco-influenced, which is the basis of house music. We carried those rhythmic ideas over to Young Bombs and the progression has felt very natural.

Any travel plans for you guys? Tour-wise and/or leisure?

We are playing all over the US so make sure you follow us on Bandsintown to stay in the loop.

Canada is mostly known as a passionate country for hockey. Earlier this year, Canada qualified for the FIFA World Cup for the first time in 36 years. If you guys heard about the news and/or watched the moment “Les Rouges” qualified for the World Cup, how did you guys feel?

We were shocked but we’re excited to see how well they do. Hopefully the spell is broken and Canada will qualify for many years to come!

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