10 Things You’ll Most Likely Forget for Festivals

Alright, most of us have been there. You buy the pass, spend months preparing, and get to the event only to discover you really weren’t as prepped as you thought. Leave the last minute trip to the store, eye rolls from your friends and anxiety back at home! Below is a list of forgettable essentials to make the most of your festival experience, no matter where you’re headed.

We got you, fam.


Your outfit choice can make or break a festival experience, especially when you’re trudging up a muddy hill in poorly-chosen sandals or freezing your butt off in a skimpy bodysuit. Bring options. Throw extra socks, undies, a jacket (it gets cold in the desert, too), and sweatpants. You may not be scoring a spread in Vogue come night time but you’ll be one happy camper.



Snacks aren’t just for camping! Grabbing some trail mix or protein bars can make a world of difference when you head back to your bunking. Some personal favorites include nuts, dried fruit, chips, and some easy produce if you have access to a cooler or fridge. You’ll save a grip of money on vendor food.


  1. H2O

A given, but bring water. Dehydration is a vicious beast when you’re out dancing and partaking in festival activities, and you don’t want to be the person that ends up in the first aid tent. Start chugging at least a week beforehand to get the most out of your experience.



You know what’s not cute? Burnt crusty lips. Pick some up before you head out – bonus points for decent SPF count.



This doesn’t just apply to our female readers- come prepared with dry shampoo! It not only gets rid of oil-slick hair, it also feels surprisingly refreshing. Note: dry shampoo does not mean you get to skip the showers. Please shower.



D-E-O-D-E-R-A-N-T. Organic or not, this is one of the most forgotten festival necessities.

**Also not an excuse to skip the showers.



Who else knows the feeling of bumping into one of your all-time favorite artists only to reach for a dead phone? The tragedy! Portable chargers are just about everywhere now, so it’s a solid idea to pick one up before you venture out.



Not only are bandanas still riding the trend wave into the 2017 festival season, they’re also multi-purposeful AF. Dip them in water and tie around your wrists or head to cool down in the sun, or stick them in a cooler/freezer for an instant ice pack. They can even be used as a quick fix to tie objects together or protect small cuts or burns.



Lather it up. A lobster-red body doesn’t happen to be on trend for this season, and you’ll be praising the SPF gods that you remembered to put that second layer on when your friend peels a layer of skin off of his or her shoulder. #yum



You might feel a little goofy checking out with it, but Pedialyte is bound to be your best friend this summer. The electrolyte count is through the roof, and decent-sized bottle is only $5 at most stores.


Did we forget something? Comment your festival necessities below.

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