5 Best Tense Music Songs to Heighten Senses in Stressful Situations

Music has the ability to bring us back in time, change our mood and set the tone. Whether it’s the nostalgia that washes over you when the song from your first dance comes on or the adrenaline that floods your veins when a certain song comes on while you’re working out, music moves us.

If you’re looking for some music to keep your senses heightened, keep reading to learn our picks for the best tense music to get you going.

1. Sweet Dreams – Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson’s remake of the Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams” is an intense, slow-build through bass hits and chilling guitar riffs. Its frequent inclusion in the soundtracks of action movies should tell you it carries quite a musical punch.

Those first few identifying notes will get anybody’s blood pumping. Imagine the buildup as you’re winding your way through an escape room, for instance, or about to pump some heavy weights. You’ll be ready to go in situation with this tune blaring behind you.

2. A Single Moment of Sincerity (Stepped Up and Scratched Album) – Asking Alexandria

The Stepped Up and Scratched album is chock full of intense music, all remixes of Asking Alexandria’s previous songs. But “A Single Moment of Sincerity” stands out among the rest in intensity. While the rest of the album relies heavily on the lead singer’s scream to provide angst to tracks, this one hits you with traditional dubstep synthesized goodness.

3. Fever Dream – 300 Soundtrack

If you’re looking for perfect background music for gaming or working out, pull up the 300 soundtrack, especially “Fever Dream”. You’ll want to go full Spartan mode when you hear those now well-known notes hit. And whether that means you’re dropping bodies in a video game or slaying a cardio session, you’ll feel like a total warrior when you’ve got this one pounding in your ears.

4. John Wick Mode – Le Castle Vania

While the majority of sequels never quite live up to the first, the John Wick series holds its own the whole way through. And “John Wick Mode” by Le Castle Vania, found on the second movie’s soundtrack, is a perfect example of that. The dubstep builds into heavy drops make the perfect background to just about any activity that gets your blood pumping.

We especially love the big buildup and drop two minutes in.

5. Spoiler – Hyper

Along the same lines, “Spoiler” by Hyper has that perfect rhythmic electronic beat to keep your pulse up. You can bet that any Spotify or YouTube playlist that has this track included will be music that can keep your blood pumping while it plays in the background.

This track is in the genre of those that don’t have lyrics, meaning the music itself has to do the talking. If you’re looking for heavy-hitting music that can speak for itself, include this on your next playlist.

What’s Your Favorite Tense Music?

Whether it’s soundtracks from our favorite action flicks, the heavy bass drops in dubstep, or those quintessential power songs that everybody knows, there’s a whole world of tense music to fuel those moments the blood is thundering in your ears.

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