Alienstock Festival Continues To Proceed

The Storm Area 51 event turned music festival named Alienstock Festival is moving ahead even though there’s a legal battle brewing over the naming rights and it is causing some confusion.


The man behind the viral Storm Area 51 sensation wants his former partner to cancel her planned festival in rural Nevada next weekend, according to an attorney letter.

Thursday, a copy of the cease-and-desist letter addressed to Connie West, owner of the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel. This document was sent by a law firm representing Matty Roberts and another client Brock Daily.

Roberts is the man who created the Storm Area 51 Facebook event that went viral and inspired a slew of Area 51 themed festivals and events in September. Up until Monday, he was co-organizing a festival called Alien Stock in Rachel with West.

Alienstock Festival was on schedule to take place Sept. 19 through 22 in Rachel.

However, Roberts suddenly announced that he was splitting from the event earlier this week, citing transparency issues with business partners and safety concerns. He has since announced a new partnership with the Downtown Events Center, joining their “Area 51 Celebration” event on Sept. 19 in Las Vegas.

West has previously said she is financially invested in the event. She also provided evidence of signed agreements for over 100 portable toilets, security and first responders.

A lineup of 20 bands and two comedians were also part of the festival plans.

Connie West (left) and Matty Roberts (right) were co-organizers of “Alienstock” in Rachel before Roberts suddenly separated from the event and joined the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center event “Area 51 Celebration” in Las Vegas. Roberts cites transparency issues with West and event safety as his reason for leaving.
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