Amnesia Files New Lawsuit Against Marco Carola For Contract Breach

The Italian DJ disobeyed court orders to not play Pacha last Thursday.

Marco Carola a well known Italian EDM artist is facing a new lawsuit. A new lawsuit which occurred from Amnesia after breaching the terms of his contract. The Ibiza superclub took full control of the situation with all legal actions possible. 

Last Thursday, the Italian DJ went against judge’s orders and played Pacha, where his Music On residency was celebrating an opening party. In response, Amnesia has taken fresh legal action, Diario De Ibiza reports. Amnesia is the only venue currently with permission to host Carola. The penalty for breaking the contract is a fine of €2.4 million. 

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In response to a different lawsuit, filed last week by his former promoter It’s All About The Music SL, Marco Carola must appear before a local court on Wednesday, May 22nd. The promoter is seeking “millions” in damages and has requested that his assets be seized. Along with earnings as a precautionary measure. If, however, the judge complies with the terms, Marco Carola may appeal. Although according to the current law, this will not suspend any of the penalties incurred. 

“It is not our will to break the contract we have signed, that’s why we have sued him.” 

a legal representative of It’s All About The Music SL told Diario De Ibiza

What is next for Marco Carola?

Marco Carola has numerous appearances planned at Pacha and elsewhere on the island throughout the summer. Lawyers representing Amnesia and It’s All About The Music SL say that each party he plays elsewhere will see him break the contract he’s signed further. This, of course, will incur further consequences. 

Marco Carola has more than two dozen shows planned in Ibiza this summer. None of them are at Amnesia. Every gig he plays, he will be breaking the law in some fashion. Lawyers involved in the case state just so and will be watching with unblinking hawk eyes. They will also make sure Marco Carola faces the necessary consequences. 

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