The Brains Behind The Area 51 Raid Thinks An EDM Event Can Replace It

All the talk lately on social media is over Area 51. Matty Roberts, the man who started all the gossip, thinks if enough people raid at the same time they can not be stopped. Now, if anyone has not heard that millions of people are already planning to do this, they are definitely living under a rock.

This raid is set to take place in Nevada on September 20th. As of this moment, over three million people have decided that they are “going” or “interested” in the event. However, Matty Roberts now has another idea on his mind.

Matty Roberts says he may turn the "Storm Area 51: They Can't Stop All of Us" event into a festival. (Source: CNN)
Video covered by CNN

“I want to make it like a festival of sorts, I want to have a bunch of different musical artists, everybody from the EDM world and then maybe some indie rock, maybe some smaller guys that are up and coming.”

Roberts said to KERO-TV

Roberts continued, saying he has been in contact with local inns near Area 51. The inns actually stated that they are already booked for the official date planned for the event. So, if an audience was the only thing that was needed, it is already covered.

Roberts also talked on the subject of taking all of this “too serious.” His response was,

“Please don’t,” he said with a laugh. “I don’t want anyone to actually get hurt with this. It was just — it started out as just from a pure stroke of imagination. It was meant to be funny. I want to do something cool out there, now that we have a bunch of people, but I don’t want anybody to get hurt.”

Surely there is a number of producers and DJs that would be eager to play at this event. Of course, at the moment, this is all talk. Make sure to keep up with the event to see it hopefully turn into a reality.

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