Berlin’s Nightclub Sound Protection Initiative

Noise Problem in Berlin

In an effort to protect the city’s nightlife economy, the Berlin government has pledged €1 million to help nightclubs equip themselves with proper noise protection. Residents in the area often lodge complaints about noise from both music and club patrons on the street. There is currently an increase in property development that could force certain clubs to shut down if a solution is not found.

Berghain stands inconspicuously. Patrons cannot take photos inside.

Approximately 170 nightclubs closed in Berlin since 2011. Michaelkirchstraße in Mitte, a popular beach club, is the most recent to fall to noise complaints. When residents who live near a venue complain about noise, they are more than likely to win out. Berlin stands as a techno- and house-paradise. Thumping, pumping, and bass surely penetrate the air of the city.

“The club culture has given Berlin so much that the city has [an obligation] to save the clubs now with their pocket.” Georg Kössler, club spokesman for the Green Group, which has worked out the decision comments.

Clubs deserve protection against these situations. The Club Commission spokesman Lutz Leichsenring says, “In a densely populated city, where residential developing is close to music venues, investment must be made in noise protection to ensure coexistence.”

Salon zur Wilden Renate- a wild circus theme club with a Labyrinth

Possible Solution

According to Tagesspiegel, The Parliament has agreed to help fund renovations at nightclubs. These renovations include sound-absorbing insulations in music venues and noise barriers in outdoor areas. As well as soundproofing improvement to windows for local residents. It is still unclear how the €1 million will distribute among clubs and residential buildings.

Senator for Economics Ramona Pop (also Grüne) currently works to attract tourists to the outskirts of the city. However, the clubs and patrons in the city center deserve their culture.

On a similar note, earlier this week London Mayor Sadiq Khan outlined a plan to protect nightclubs against soundproofing measures.


Learn more about club culture in Berlin, and hear the strategies of passing through bouncers at the ever-elusive Berghain, here.

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