Big Wild & Foreign Family Collective present “Ascension”


Cinematic, enduring, and visually stimulating, Big Wild returns with the colossal new artwork Ascension with Foreign Family Collective and “The Yazuki”. The short film collaboration begins a dialogue about the advancements in technology as well as the dangerous potential this aspect of our society holds.

Through the advanced use of CGI, “The Yazuki” challenges our notion of what we view as human and machine. As the details begin to draw you in as a viewer, Ascension highlights the forces of nature and how this is seen in both our synthetic and human realities.

Big Wild further contextualizes the subtle message of the project:

The painful irony of this situation brings to question our infatuation with technology and an increasing detachment from the natural world. The main goal was to disclose something more profound. Exploring thoughts on mankind’s evolution, we aimed in creating a metaphor between what we have and take for granted in nature, as well as our structure of a nearly dystopian society.


In Ascension, Big Wild manifests the contrasts of human versus machine. The sharp production as well as enchanced synth work conquer the chorus vocals. Although different from his past work, Big Wild takes his sound in a singular direction for the score of this short film. Thus, showcasing his utmost versatility as a composer and artist.

In summary, Ascension is executed with an unparalleled quality. It is captivating as a collaboration and holds a significant message about our infatuation with technology.

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