BigCityBeats announces a “Year In Space” – a musical collaboration with the European Space Agency

A Year in Space

BigCityBeats launches a “Year In Space”. The first collaboration of it’s kind between the European Space Agency (ESA) and Electronic Dance Music. This year long partnership plans to drive interest in space travel by combining the mysteries of the universe with the electrifying interest for electronic dance music. Several artists including Steve Aoki, Armin Van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, and Timmy Trumpet have expressed interest in the project. Meanwhile, to get fans excited for what is to come in 2019. BigCityBeats let the excited DJs send messages to the International Space Station (ISS)ESA astronaut and Commander of the ISS, Alexander Gerst responded, making it the world’s first message to the EDM community delivered from Outer Space!

ESA astronaut and Commander of the ISS, Alexander Gerst opening message:

“I’m a big fan of electronic music. Welcome to all the new Space Fans. It’s great to see the messages of support for space coming from the world’s top DJs making us see the future with a visionary spirit. Many thanks for coming together and for organizing this inspiring event. It is my dream that one day, every human can once in their life see our beautiful planet from Space. Let’s all work together to make this dream come true.” 

ESA astronaut Frank de Winne (Head of ESA’s European Astronaut Centre) was also featured on the video message and had comments on the WORLD CLUB DOME (WCD) & ESA collaboration:

I would like to thank all the top DJs and WORLD CLUB DOME for bringing the message of Space to such a large community. Thank you very much and welcome to all the new space fans and of course the entire electronic music community. See you in space!”

BigCityBeats Collaboration with European Space Agency

In general, BigCityBeats is the company behind WORLD CLUB DOME (WCD). In fact, last year’s mission with the ESA transformed the WCD into the world’s first club in zero gravity. A club built in complete weightlessness. DJs Steve Aoki and W&W along with 50 lucky fans were launched into zero gravity on a specially converted A310 aircraft used to train astronauts. In essence, the Zero-G flight took parabolic maneuvers achieving more than 5 minutes of weightlessness. The collaboration was extremely successful and will be taken to even greater heights this coming year with another Zero-G event.

In the same fashion, BigCityBeats will launch a  “Space Edition” theme for BigCityBeat’s WORLD CLUB DOME in Frankfurt next year. Bernd Breiter, CEO of BigCityBeats and founder of WCD, had this to say about the exciting events in 2019:

People can expect the ESA & BigCityBeats collaboration to test the boundaries of what’s possible with a dance music event.

Specifically, Bernd Breiter had a vision to connect the magic of space with the beauty of dance music.

Dance music connects nations. The guiding principles of this community are freedom, love and tolerance. It is a generation of cosmopolitan people. We want to bring the fascination of space travel to a new young audience.

With this purpose in mind,  “A Year In Space” project will aim to prove that science and entertainment can be brought together in a mutually beneficial way.

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Connect with European Space Agency (ESA)

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