3LAU, SingularDTV, and Prime Social Group Announce First Blockchain Powered Music Festival

Our Music Festival – October 20, 2018


Festival promoters Prime Social Group, music producer 3LAU, and entertainment studio SingularDTV are joining forces to create a music festival powered by Blockchain. Our Music Festival (OMF) will change the way fans and festival creators work together. OMF will implement never-before-seen solutions to tackles festival-business problems such as ticket inflation, scalping, and counterfeiting, to name a few. The partners’ long-term goal is to mold the festival into one that allows the fans a say in their festival experience, by introducing redeemable OMF tokens and the power to earn cryptocurrency as well.

This tech-fueled festival will feature legendary multi-Grammy winning Zedd, alongside some of the biggest names in hip-hop and EDM. Our Music Festival will take place at San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza on October 20.

The CEO of OMF, 3LAU stated the following:

We’re throwing our first event this year to show our commitment to inciting change. While it will take time for OMF to reach its full potential, our team has studied blockchain-layered applications and legal compliance for years to facilitate realistic steps toward decentralization.”

In addition, Our Music Festival’s website and more info can be found here.

Lastly, check out EDM News and more on OneEDM.

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