Bonnie X Clyde surprise fans with multiple shows after cancellation of Sunset Music Festival

Bonnie X Clyde Leaves Nobody Behind at Sunset Music Festival

Bonnie X Clyde

The weather may have canceled Sunset Music Festival, but no storm is big enough to keep Bonnie X Clyde from keeping their fans happy.

After the two-day music festival was forced to cancel their second day due to an impending storm, rising duo Bonnie X Clyde wasted no time making it up to their fans. They started the day with a surprise meet and greet at the Ramada, promising fans they would play a show that night with the following Instagram caption:

“Had to do something special for you, we couldn’t just sit in our hotel room and do nothing, thanks to everyone that came out to our meet & greet. STAY POSTED!! WE ARE 100% PLAYING TONIGHT, GOING OVER OPTIONS NOW.”

Bonnie X Clyde delivered much more than promised and ended up playing multiple shows that night. The series of surprise shows the duo played that night began at Ritz Ybor, followed by another at Whiskey North, and another at Shephard’s Beach Resort. They ended the night by playing a house party in Tampa, Florida, which even made it on to Fox News.

Hundreds of fans went to Twitter to thank and praise them for saving what would have been a very tragic day for Tampa ravers. This devotion speaks largely to the duo’s dedication to their fan base and to their music.  Furthermore, with BXC’s name on the lineup of many summer music festivals across the country, fans everywhere are excited to see what this duo will do next!

Check out clips of Bonnie X Clyde’s day of surprising fans:


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