Breakbot Drops Spectacular New Project: ‘Another You’ EP

French producer and DJ, Breakbot (aka Thibaut Berlan) is ready to make you dance with his new EP Another You, out today on Ed Banger/Because Music. The cosmic journey we’ve been on since he released the single “Another You” in July, continues with the release of the full EP. Since being signed to record label Ed Banger in 2009, Breakbot has grown a bit of a cult following. Both his first single “Baby I’m Yours feat. Irfane” and his debut album By Your Side in 2012, were released by Ed Banger. Yet again, they will bring us this highly awaited project.

Breakbot’s close friend Irfane joins him on the EP. Be it in the studio, on the beach or on the decks, they always get the whole world dancing. They haven’t been heard on the same track together since 2016’s laidback “2good4me”. They hooked back up together in their studio in Paris to record Devotion, signaling the return of the funkiest of French duos! Stream the Another You EP below:

Another You EP Tracklist: 

1)     Another You feat Ruckazoid
2)     Devotion feat Irfane
3)     Don’t Stop the Dance feat Delafleur
4)     Devotion (Yuksek remix)
5)     Don’t Stop the Dance feat Delafleur (Dildo Disco remix)

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