CloZee Unveils a Captivating New Music Video for Single “Evasion”

French indie-electronic composer and producer CloZee releases a beautifully intricate and compelling music video for her debut EP “Evasion”. The story begins with two children parting ways then time flashes forward to find them as an adult, rediscovering one another. When the music ends one of the dancers vanish, leaving the other to realize it was all an evasion of reality. It was in their imagination after all. 

Overall, the song depicts the beauty of human connection in a captivating duo dance between Gil the Grid and Wesley Rommy. Both dancers, hand picked by the DJ herself, are from dance group Dutch Amenti Collective. This title track release off the album Evasion, is truly a masterpiece and shows how diverse DJ CloZee can be in using imagery to bring her music to life. The album Evasion is set to release later this fall on Gravitas Recordings and Midnight Escape Records.

Inspiration for The Music Video “Evasion”

The video, filmed in Southern France, features areas near where CloZee grew up. Scenes in the video show the bustling city of Toulouse and the breathtaking scenery of the luscious forest of Ariège. As CloZee’s captivating and enchanting melody builds momentum, the two dancers are united through a dynamic bond of movement. The way their movement pairs with each other is absolutely captivating and when the duo lay into each other around 3:27, listeners can see the love and appreciation they have for each other.

Towards the end, when the main dancer stands, he is left there standing alone staring off with apprehension. It leaves listeners wondering. Directed by Cedric Gleyal, this video is definitely open to interpretation but one key takeaway is how powerful our imagination can be. Beauty has always been in the eye of the beholder. CloZee’s productions acknowledge that “music is a language we all understand” and she continues to use worldly influences to design her rare style of music.

CloZee - New Perspective Picture from Youtube

About CloZee

Chloe aka CloZee grew up in rural Toulouse, France. At the time, Electro music was rather large in France but CloZee actually had no interest in it. Rather she wanted to create her own path, joining the genre of World BassChloe started as a classical guitarist and she uses her instrumentation skills to create the soaring melodies you hear in all of her tracks. CloZee brings a fresh take on dance music, combining eastern instrumentation with western bass music and creating a fusion that is uniquely identifiable. When asked where she gets her inspiration, CloZee commented:

When I listen to the music, I want to be suspended in time, travel, meditate: because I need to escape reality. It is this dimension that pushed me to start writing electronic music 5 years ago

CloZee’s career is on a steady rise after the huge success of her hit singles “Koto” and “Secret Place.”  Just this year, she played at Lightning in a Bottle and both weekends at Electric Forest. CloZee’s live sets truly showcase her DJing capabilities with her smooth transitions and strong bass drops. One of her sets from Electric Forest can be heard here

Evasion Album Details & Evasion North American Tour Dates

Her first debut album Evasion is set for release on October 5th. Fans can finally experience her elegant worldly bass in a full LP of work. The album touches on influences from every corner of the globe, as CloZee uses the culmination of her experience traveling the globe. Each track lending itself to a different cultural sound.

She just kicked off her 40-date Evasion North American tour as well. For more information, check out the tour dates on their website.

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