“Cooking with Chef Koss” Second Episode is Mouth-Watering

The second episode of "Cooking with Chef Koss" sees Mathieu Koss cooking up a nice plate of BBQ sea beam with eggplant caviar

Mathieu Koss, the innovative French house DJ and producer, also loves cooking and he recently created a YouTube cooking show called “Cooking with Chef Koss”. Before he entertained nightclubs and festivals globally, he was a trained chef and crafted world-class cuisine in Sydney. Although he is now a famous DJ, Mathieu Koss still shares his love for cooking for music fans during these hectic times in world history. Mathieu Koss expresses that love through “Cooking with Chef Koss” and on the first episode, he produced a very delicious tray of lasagna. Mathieu Koss turned 30-years-old last Wednesday and for his birthday, he made a nice plate of BBQ sea beam with eggplant caviar on the second episode.

“Cooking with Chef Koss” Episode 2: BBQ Sea Beam & Egg Plant Caviar

Bon Appetit!

“Cooking with Chef Koss” focuses on a different meal each show although the show has two episodes so far. The French DJ interacts with viewers online week-in and week-out to bring the concept into fruition. As he brings the fun from the kitchen onto real life, fans are also able to use Mathieu Koss’s official Instagram face filters. These filters are complete with a chef’s hat and logo.

As mentioned before, he cooked BBQ sea beam and eggplant caviar to celebrate his 30th birthday. He first enjoyed this unique dish during his travels as a chef many years ago when visiting a Bali fish market where eggplant caviar was served alongside the BBQ sea beam. Mathieu Koss reinterpreted this distinct meal that he loved eating during his formative years as a traveling chef. While seeing the exciting producer cooks and eat his meal, it will surely tempt anyone to start cooking this dish by themselves.


Upcoming new music

In 2019, Mathieu Koss collaborated with Aloe Blacc on the single “Never Growing Up”. Both artists subsequently performed the song together on one of France’s top music shows, La Fête de la Musique. In fact, he plans on releasing new music later this year. According to his recent interview with One EDM, he announced there will be a big collaboration coming up this summer and a new single set to release sometime in July. In the meantime, “Cooking with Chef Koss” serves as a prime example of what to anticipate from the dynamic artist in 2020. Stay tuned for the upcoming third episode!

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