D-Block & S-Te-Fan Drop IMPAQT 2019 Anthem During Set at Defqon.1

D-Block & S-Te-Fan delivered a very special set at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival this summer. During the last few minutes of their set, they dropped an anthem for the inaugural edition of IMPAQT coming this September 2019. Have a listen the hardstyle sounds in their great production: the new IMPAQT anthem “Brace Yourself” by D-Block & S-Te-Fan.

Hardstyle heros, D-Block & S-Te-Fan, make IMPAQT 2019 anthem

IMPAQT anthem

Melodic, with a raw edge, “Brace Yourself” sets the tone for the upcoming IMPAQT Festival by Q-Dance. As an anthem, it does a good job of fuelling the spirit of the party. Watching the crowd reaction in the video above, they are visible enjoying these great sounds. With much music to look forward to with IMPAQT after months of waiting since it’s announcement last spring so it is good to finally hear the music for this festival.

So, how about the anthem sound? Fat round, pumping kick drums, and other variations of the classic hardstyle kick; euphoric melodies; touching vocals; and raw screeches come together in this massive production. Furthermore, this track’s musicality includes appeal to hardstyle, rawstyle, and hardcore genres as well.

Overall, the impact of this track is big. A few quotes from among 3.7 K viewers on Facebook confessed their likeness of the track as a “great anthem”. Also, inspiring one who admits that “Never liked such kind of music. You changed my vision!” truly speaks to the power of music and the producing talents of D-Block & S-Te-Fan.

For more, information on the new hardstyle event, IMPAQT, by Q-Dance catch the excitement of its lineup, ticket holder exclusives and more here on One EDM.

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