BREAKING: Datsik Receives Sexual Assault Allegations

Datsik Allegations

What started off Wednesday as a mere tweet from 29-year-old Canadian DJ/Producer Datsik has since turned into an all-out social media warfare. Accusations are flying from numerous sources stating Datsik has allegedly sexually assaulted multiple women in recent years. The original tweet has since been deleted.

Canadian dubstep DJ Datsik aka Troy Beetles

However, Twitter and Facebook are still abuzz with much-supporting evidence of private messages from Beetles himself, as well as an almost conspiracy-like allegation that Datsik’s team would give women “TULSA” passes to access his tour bus. Rumors state that “TULSA” stands for “ASLUT” spelled backward. Datsik is defending himself via Twitter that this was the actions of a team member who has since been fired. Furthermore, past tweets from Datsik joking about rape have also been deleted.

A tweet from Datsik’s account dating back to 11/6/2011 has since been deleted.

Following the accusations, Datsik’s sold-out show with Space Jesus, Riot Ten, and Carbin in Des Moines, Iowa has been canceled. The venue, Wooly’s posted on Facebook stating:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances outside of our control, tonight’s DATSIK show is canceled. You will receive full refunds at your point of purchase. All tickets bought at our box office can be refunded during our box office hours.”

Space Jesus Responds

Space Jesus announced he would no longer be touring with Datsik until more truth is revealed about this matter. Read his official statement from Facebook below:

“Consent is an extremely important subject that must not be taken lightly. I was raised by a strong mother who taught me the importance of valuing and respecting women, and I would never knowingly act in a way to compromise a woman’s integrity.

Tour/shows are an awesome place for people to celebrate and enjoy music with their friends and fellow fans – and it is imperative that we, as artists and as people, stand as allies to victims of sexual abuse in an industry that should only have room for love and respect.

In light of the allegations going around today against Datsik, I have decided that effective immediately, I am pulling off the Ninja Nation tour indefinitely, until my team and I can get to the bottom of this issue and investigate allegations surrounding the tour. I DO NOT support sexual abuse in any way, and until I find out more about this, I am not going to play.” – Space Jesus

Space Jesus stops touring with Datsik in light of recent allegations brought against Beetles regarding sexual assault.

Excision Responds

Longtime collaborator and fellow Canadian DJ/Producer Excision spoke out to his Excision’s’ Headbangers Facebook group stating the following:

“Hey everyone. In light of the allegations against some of the other names in the industry, I want to be clear I do not support nor condone any of the behavior that has been mentioned in the stories going around today. Those who know me personally know I don’t like partying after shows and I don’t drink. I don’t say this to be holier than thou – it’s just a personal preference and a lifestyle that has brought me success and happiness as a person.

I think that today’s news is a necessary wake up call that will bring awareness to an important topic, and I am thankful for my long-term girlfriend, the hardworking women and men on my touring and management teams, and the headbanger community worldwide.


Jeff Abel responds to his Excision’s Headbangers Facebook group in light of the recent allegations against Troy Beetles aka Datsik.

Datsik Responds

Datsik took to Twitter on Wednesday night to post an “official apology,” but followers disregarded the post as an insincere, poorly-executed acknowledgment. Read the full statement below.

Datsik’s official apology posted on Twitter Wednesday evening.

Jauz Responds

DJ/Producer Jauz took to the Twitterverse with his opinion stating:

“All I’m gonna say right now is what goes around comes around and you’ll always get what’s coming to you. Be a good person and good things will come… be a horrible fucking human being and eventually it’ll bite you in the ass. Simple enough.”

Jauz responds to the sexual assault allegations brought against Datsik.

Evidence Starts To Unfold

Furthermore, below you will find screenshots from women who’ve since shared their own stories of sexual assault regarding Beetles.

One person claims Datsik drugged and abused her friend before kicking her off his tour bus. A fan received this pass in Florida which granted her access to Datsik’s tour bus. One person posted this picture in opposition to the accusations brought against Datsik. One Facebook user’s personal account of assault dating back years ago.

OneEDM will keep you updated with more information as this story continues to unfold.

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