Deadmau5 and Carnage beef over alleged pushing incident at Cemetery of Sound

Deadmau5 and Carnage both are accustomed playing to huge audiences, and controversy. The two big-time personalities clashed over, from what conflicting stories seem to say, when Carnage approached Deadmau5 while he was walking to get onto the stage after his set at the Halloween festival “Cemetery of Sound” in Calgary in Canada. Both of the DJs sprung to their own defenses, Deadmau5 with a long Reddit post and Carnage with a video which he posted right after the incident.


Deadmau5 Beef

This is not the first time that the two have had some kind of altercation. Back in March of 2016 Carnage used a homophobic slur when club owner David Grutman asked his thoughts on Deadmau5. “He’s a fa**** [expletive].” was his response and that spurred the following back and forth occurred via Twitter:

@deadmau5 OH SHUT UP JOEL…. stop being such a pu*** [expletive]… Why are you so mad ?!?!?

— CARNAGE (@djcarnage) March 21, 2016

Followed by:

@djcarnage pu***[expletive]? Fa****[expletive]? You just keep winning at life. Carry on. You’re quite literally, irrelevant.

— dead mow cinco (@deadmau5) March 21, 2016

This situation is different than the one beforehand, but one can’t help but think that this situation could have been avoided. If the timeline proposed by Deadmau5 in his Reddit story is true, then it does seem that Carnage was looking for trouble for hanging around the stage so long. Carnage posted that video not but a few seconds after the incident occurred, so it seemed that he was looking for a reason to put himself into the media eye.

Time will tell which DJs account of the story is the truth, but it is sure that neither one of these personalities will be backing down. Deadmau5 is famous for trolling other DJs both during his sets and over social media, so we can be sure that we will be hearing much more from both of these guys moving forward.

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