Dimitri Vegas’ NFT Collection: “Alien Samurai Dino Warriors”

Dimitri Vegas partners with Batman film franchise producer Michael Uslan and NFT agency ENVOY Network to release NFT art collectables, "Alien Samurai Dino Warriors"

The world’s #1 DJ Dimitri Vegas and the Originator and Executive Producer of the Batman movie franchise, Michael Uslan, have launched a new project titled, “Alien Samurai Dino Warriors”, in partnership with ENVOY Network. Through this partnership with ENVOY Network, which is a premium NFT (Non-Fungible Token) agency producing collectables for entertainment, musicians, artists, and brands, Dimitri Vegas and the Uslan family are launching “Alien Samurai Dino Warriors” as an exclusive NFT collection. “Alien Samurai Dino Warriors” is an NFT art collection of some of the main different comic characters.

The NFT art collection consists of modernized animations of the show’s five major characters, Alexander, Hercules, Odysseus, Olympia and Achilles. These GEN-Z Dino teens will have to go up against the evil, alien-mammal villains who destroyed their home planet. Furthermore, they would also encounter the secret organization, called “The Eye,” which does their bidding. The inspiration comes from nostalgic 80’s TV cartoons such as “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “Thundercats”.

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Dimitri Vegas exclusively collaborates with ENVOY Network on “Alien Samurai Dino Warriors”

The release of the NFT collection comes ahead of the release of the graphic novel series. The series will introduce the public to mythology’s cornerstones and the dinosaurs’ first adventures. “Alien Samurai Dino Warriors” is Dimitri Vegas’ first NFT drop. He is exclusively collaborating with ENVOY Network to release an auctioned artwork collection and prime digital collectables via multiple tiers.

Dimitri Vegas’ legendary partners

Teaming up with Dimitri Vegas is Michael Uslan. He is the executive producer of the Batman film franchise from 1989’s “Batman” through The Dark Knight trilogy and “Joker” to 2022s “The Batman”. Additionally, Crypto/ NFT marketplace SUPERFARM is also supporting the release of “Alien Samurai Dino Warriors” as well. The upcoming “Alien Samurai Dino Warriors” aims at long-forgotten and genuine fans of the niche cartoon series. In fact, the NFT collection gives them the opportunity to own a piece of their past. Make sure to pre-register for this exclusive collection now.

More people in the exclusive collaboration

There are more creative individuals who are taking part in this unique collaboration. Comic book writer Erik Burnham is famous for writing Ghostbusters, Back To The Future, Transformers, A-Team and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. Also, there is editor Heather Antos who is partaking in the project. She launched Marvel’s Star Wars series to over 1 million copies sold, an industry first in over a decade. She also co-created Marvel’s character Gwenpooland is currently leading Marvel & IDW’s (Idea and Design Works) Star Wars Galaxy.

Summary about ENVOY Network

ENVOY is the first NFT agency with every release offering both premium purchases and unique ‘community driven’ NFTs. These offerings empower fans and give them access to their favorite artists’ NFTs in ways never seen before. ENVOY Network released their first NFT with ‘Decentraboard’ on August 14 with the first-ever NFT curated billboard. The artwork will be displayed on a billboard in Times Square, New York for an NFT ‘history making moment.’

Finally, to access ENVOY Network and its unique NFT releases, you need to pre-register at their website to gain access, receive updates about upcoming auctions and advance notifications.

ENVOY Network CEO Bram Verstraeten talks about the exclusive collaboration

“Working with talented creators like Dimitri Vegas and the legendary Uslan’s gave us the ability to create an unique and innovative NFT collection that is unprecedented and will definitely set the benchmark for our upcoming projects. NFTs are a perfect tool to give creators the opportunity to have a connection to the people who support and collect their art”.

ENVOY Network CEO Bram Verstraeten details the future success of the NFT collection

The concept behind “Alien Samurai Dino Warriors” in the words of Dimitri Vegas

“I have been developing Dino Warriors for a long time now, so translating this into an NFT-fueled powerhouse with the groundbreaking ENVOY Network has been very exciting. This project is very special to me and is inspired from my love and passion for 80s comics and cartoons. Since we artists have a very strong connection with our community, NFTs allow us to engage and connect with them on a whole different level. By working with ENVOY Network it allows us to turn those NFTs into keys for unlocking amazing content and be much more than just an asset”.

Dimitri Vegas explaining the concept behind “Alien Samurai Dino Warriors”. It came from the global music star’s childhood passion for comic books and cartoons.

The partnership and friendship between Dimitri Vegas and the Uslan family

“This is a unique moment in time and we couldn’t be more excited to work with Dimitri.“Dimitri has been a friend to the family for years and my father and I are thrilled to be working alongside him and his Dino Warriors team on this new, exciting endeavour. “This is one of those special, geeky projects that truly unifies the opportunities currently found within the comic book and greater publishing industry, the NFT world, and beyond”.

David Uslan talks about his family’s friendship with Dimitri Vegas and their partnership in releasing “Alien Samurai Dino Warriors”.
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