Check Out The New Documentary ‘Girl’

A Film all about female DJs


Since first picking up the camera 15 years ago, Kandeyce Jorden announces Girl, a documentary devoted to some of the world’s best female DJ’s to be released in June. Sandra Collins, DJ Rap, DJ Irene, Colette, as well as DJ Lady D are just a few of the ladies Jorden features in her testament to femininity.

Jorden started producing Girl in 2003 when EDM started gaining momentum worldwide. At this time, it was even harder for a woman to succeed as a DJ than it is today. Jorden truly explores that struggle with a series of raw and revealing interviews.


Much of the movie is also centered around Jorden’s relationship with Sandra Collins. In the process of making the film, Jorden and Collins became close. Thus, coercing Jorden to be fully seduced by the world of electronic music.

She followed Collins all around the world. From Mexico to Burning Man, as well as Russia where Jorden was stranded after losing her passport. Her first-hand accounts allow an inside look at what it is like to be a female DJ on tour.

With legendary artists like The Chemical Brothers, Satoshie Tomie, Colette, The Crystal Method, The Scumfrog, Gabriel & Dresden,  and JunkieXL providing the soundtrack, Girl is not to be missed by any fan of electronic music.

Check It Out

Girl is directed by Kandeyce Jorden and produced by David Garonzik as well as David Veloz. It will be available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play on June 1. View the official trailer below.

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