Don Diablo and His Album ‘Future’ – Two Years Later

Don Diablo's 2018 Future House album 'Future' is still amazing in 2020

After reading this, you are definitely going to go on a Don Diablo listening marathon. Don Diablo is certainly a favourite amongst many people. His signature sound only but confirms him as a future legend of the industry. The Dutch producer is arguably a pioneer of the future-house genre as was one of the first people to draw people’s attention to it.

Don Diablo before 2018

Prior to 2018, Don Diablo had only released one album in 2008 titled ‘Love is a Festival’ which featured well-known Dutch rapper Bizzey.

Don Diablo gained a lot of popularity in the latter stages of the 2010s with starting his own music label Hexagon in 2015 and his career took off from there. He made some pretty good songs before that such as ‘Animale’ with Dragonnette. His song ‘Anytime’ was a major catalyst in launching the future-house DJ into stardom.

After singles like ‘Save a Little Love’ and ‘Momentum’, Don Diablo announced that he’d be releasing his next albumFuture‘. The album also featured a star-studded line up with artists like Bully Songs and Dave Thomas Junior. Diablo actually used his own vocals for a few tracks such as ‘Satellites’ and ‘Reflections’ – he’s pretty good!

Songs like ‘Put It On For Me’ and ‘Found You’ demonstrate just how much the Dutchman has an ear for good vocals. The reception was fairly positive; with very encouraging results across the board, this was the album that cements Don Diablo as a maestro of house.

The whirlwind of success after ‘Future’

The message that ‘Future’ gives out is that everyone is not alone in their moments of darkness. The first song on the album, Everybody’s Somebody, accentuates this the most. Its meaningful lyrics delivered by vocalist Bully Songs, unites people as well as giving off a future-house vibe.

As a result of the success of ‘Future’, Don Diablo is now compared with the greats of House music.

Upcoming music

As far as we know, following releases like ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Survive’ with Gucci Mane, Diablo announced that he’s working on a new album. The album will be titled ‘Forever’ and will be his biggest album to date with a lot of songs.

Could this propel the Dutchman to higher places? After constantly improving positions in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs – it certainly seems it. Might we see the day where Don Diablo will challenge and beat the likes of Martin Garrix and Armin Van Buuren? Only time will tell.

Diablo has huge plans for Hexagon Records. (Source: Rukes.com)
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