EDC Las Vegas 2020 Rescheduled to October

Electric Daisy Carnival is rescheduled for October 2-4

EDC Las Vegas 2020, put on by Insomniac, was one of the last upcoming festivals to postpone their event. Although it was inevitable with COVID-19, ravers still had slight hopes that they could dance under the Electric Sky next month. With Insomniac’s premier music festival rescheduled, what is next?

EDC Las Vegas 2020 cosmicMEADOW stage -- headliners
cosmicMEADOW Stage

New Dates for EDC Las Vegas 2020

Insomniac has postponed EDC Las Vegas 2020 until October. The event will now be held during the first week of October, from October 2-4. Campers will have the opportunity to arrive on Thursday, October 1. This opportunity can give them time to set up their home away from home for the weekend. Festival attendees can still choose hotels as lodging options in Las Vegas too.

bassPOD stage -- dubstep, bass house, drum & bass, and trap
bassPOD Stage

Headliners Pulled Out of EDCLV 2020 Before Postponement

For reasons unknown to the general public, EDCLV held out until almost the last minute to postpone their event. Other festivals, such as Coachella, Rolling Loud, and Ultra Miami gave their attendees notice of the postponement and cancelations about a month ago.

Before the postponement went public today, April 3, 2020, a few headliners and other artists pulled the festival off of their tour schedule. Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Vini Vici, and Timmy Trumpet are a few names that stuck out. DJ’s reducing their schedules was the first sign of Ultra Miami being canceled earlier in March. Pasquale Rotella, the founder of Insomniac, took to Twitter on March 26, 2020, to update his followers on the actions he is taking as the festival’s organizer. At this point, he was still hoping and aiming for the May dates.

About a week later and Rotella is back on Twitter with the postponement. Rotella’s followers tweeted back a mix of disappointment, thankfulness, stress, and curiosity. Many ravers, even though they knew the postponement was coming, were disappointed with the final decision. Other ravers thanked him for his hard work after he made his decision. However, they also stressed about the fact that many events are now occurring within a few weeks of each other. Finally, the curiosity peaked about the new line-up. Will it be the same? The festival’s official Twitter page responded saying “We’re working hard to have the same lineup or better!”.

Ravers  (also known as headliners)
Ravers at EDC Las Vegas

Options for EDC Tickets

So what if the new dates aren’t plausible? Since EDC Las Vegas, Coachella, Bonnaroo, and BUKU are now within a month of each other, travel plans are now nearly impossible for some attendees. Here are the details for EDC tickets.

EDC 2020 Layaway

Rotella took to Twitter at the end of March to address his ticket layaway changes. He chose to freeze all automatic payments of EDC tickets until further notice. This decision gives his attendees a chance to figure out what finances look like due to COVID-19. Those that chose the layaway option should expect an email update shortly of the new payment date. This also gives them time to prepare.

There is an option to continue payments or opt-out once this update is released. In addition to this, the waitlist is open for those who didn’t get EDC tickets before the event sold out.

The New Dates Don’t Work For Me

If people are unable to attend EDC during the new dates, they can receive refund. All ticket purchases for the festival are refundable or exchangeable. After filling out this form, the purchaser should hear a response within 7-10 days about their EDC tickets.

Performers at EDC Las Vegas


With all of this negativity, ravers need some positivity to look forward to. Some concerns about the new dates have risen, let’s break down some of them


The October weather in Las Vegas have answered the concerns of festival attendees. On the FAQ page, the event assured attendees that the weather is beautiful. The average temperatures for October has confirmed their statement of high temperatures of 86 degrees. As always, “Las Vegas” is the desert, after all, the temperatures will drop with the sunset. The average low will be around 64 degrees.

EDC Lineup

While the information on the lineup is vague right now, Insomniac rarely disappoints in this area, especially the EDC 2019 lineup last year. Keep checking the official website for more information in this realm.

Are the fireworks still happening? Of course. EDC wouldn’t be EDC without an amazing firework show.

Zhu at EDC Las Vegas 2019 wearing jacket out of festival wristbands
Zhu at EDC Las Vegas 2019

Safety Concerns

COVID-19 has taken a toll on the music industry. While many people are disappointed that the upcoming festival season has basically been canceled, it truly is for the best. With the amount of exposure that happens at high-scale events, such as EDC Las Vegas 2020, everyone is safer by taking precautions. Going forward, ravers and festival coordinators alike will be factoring more health concerns into their plans.

Daisy Lane
Daisy Lane

Virtual Music Happening Now

Insomniac has created a live rewind to relive your favorite sets from 2015 until now. This stream is available 24/7 through YouTube or Twitch. What better way to relive the best sets than to watch the official videos through this virtual rave-a-thon? Watch out for nostalgia as you tune-in, it’s hitting everyone pretty hard.

Check out the 10th Anniversary Preview for EDCLV 2020. Above all, stay safe and healthy so we can see everyone under the electric sky in October!

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