Electronic Dance Music at Fortnite World Cup

EDM and gaming communities unite

This past weekend, the Fortnite World Cup took place with millions of competitors in New York City. Among the festivities included solo and duo championships, the celebrity Pro-AM, and a performance from Marshmello.

Tons of special appearances from some of the biggest names in eSports, television, YouTube and more appeared at the event. Although a common appreciation for gaming was prominent, evidence of electronic dance music love was everywhere.

A good amount of players in the celebrity Pro-AM competition were also EDM artists. Performers such as Alison Wonderland, RL Grime, Wax Motif, Lost Kings and Sigala were all in the mix of competitors.

Electronic dance music and video games

Alison Wonderland proved to be a newcomer to the professional gaming world with her unfortunate outcome. During the tournament, she stated she had never played the game before the event. Surprisingly, she performed far better than expected. Especially so, considering she literally never played the game. Despite her inexperience, Alison Wonderland knocked out a total of 10 competitors.  

RL Grime was also in the mix of gamer; however, they had a nearly-flawless streak. RL Grime was lucky enough to take home the Pro-AM championship with his pro-gamer partner Airwaks. This lead to the winning of one million for the ACLU.

What is even crazier than that is that last month the duo won the same competition at the Fortnite Summer Block Party. This proves that RL Grime is both a top-tier trap producer and competitive gamer. On top of the gaming, Marshmello delivered an outstanding performance.


The electronic dance music and video game worlds continue to strengthen their bond. As such, ore and more crossovers occurring regularly. Just this year, the gaming legend, Ninja, released an EDM compilation album. Another instance of gaming and EDM is Kygo being featured on the Pokémon: Detective Pikachu soundtrack. 

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