EPIQ New Year’s Eve Celebration by Q-Dance

It is going to be epic

From the hardstyle promoters of Q-Dance comes an all new event for celebrating the new year: it is EPIQ. Why have it by any other name? This truly captures the spirit of the celebration and sets the tone for, well, and epic new year.

What is in store for fans at EPIQ?

What details does any Q-Dance fan need after such news. Afterall, the name of the event, EPIQ, is promising a good time. As for the the lineup, any anthems, themes, venues, or giveaways have yet to culminate. With as much excitement for the new IMPAQT event this September, Q-Dance has lots of strength in launching new events with promotional offers and other marketing madness. Surely, there will be Hardstyle.

Graphic from Q-Dance Facebook

Q-Dance New Year’s Eve parties

Previously, Q-Dance has launched several New Year’s Eve events. Each of them a great one. Last year saw the first edition of Wow Wow, which brought an end to the previous New Year’s event titled Freaqshow. The rest is history.

The New Year 2020, will be a new decade for Q-Dance. Stating it all off with no other way than to go all out, EPIQ is bound to continue Q-Dance’s legacy as the leading promoter of hardstyle music. Check out the original announcement from just a few hours ago, here.

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