Ferry Corsten Announces New Radio Show, “Resonation”

The program will be broadcasted live from Amsterdam, across YouTube, Facebook, & Twitch

Last week, Trance pioneer, Ferry Corsten celebrated 700 episodes of his weekly “Corsten’s Countdown“. During the celebrations, Ferry used the landmark broadcast to announce it’ll be the last of the longstanding show, with a fresh new radio concept, “Resonation taking its place.

Known for pushing the envelope in the dance music scene, Ferry Corsten will broadcast Resonation from a full studio set-up. Also, it provides him with the perfect platform to give his fans a broader perspective of electronic music. Resonation represents a diversity of dance music ranging from Melodic Techno to Trance, and everything in between. This eclectic approach highlights the vast spectrum of sounds that influenced Ferry Corsten as an artist and producer. Furthermore, Ferry’s expert programming will display his wealth of musical inspiration, alongside the freshest cuts that have resonated with his audience.

2020 has seen Ferry Corsten explore the deepest corners of his inspiration. The end result was multiple innovative new projects that have taken him out of his comfort zone. As such, fans can see and hear him curate his favorite tracks of the moment every week live via social media and/or listen to him play an even more diverse soundscape. By doing this, Ferry gives an insight into the sonic palette that constantly shapes his musical evolution.

In addition, fans are also able to interact and provide their support for their favourite records from the show. The most popular weekly tracks will also be promoted via a monthly compilation, and released via their favorite streaming platform. Resonation will air weekly each Wednesday at 2:00 PM EST. Fans can tune into the live broadcast via Ferry Corsten’s official YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch pages. Also, check out the festivities of Corsten’s Countdown 700, below:

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